Glorious gardening

If you want to read the previous gardening adventures Part 1 and Part 2 are here.

The plants have been hard at work growing and I have been hard at work watering them. This seems to have worked as I now have 11 little pots of happy flowers. So successful in fact, that it quickly became apparent it was time to plant them in the garden, so they could grow even bigger and maybe even get flowers!

A few other of my plants grew into veggies, radishes to be precise. I spent a whole afternoon, with the help of unimpressed rhino, harvesting enough to make a meal. Turns out I don’t like radishes, it’s the first time I have discovered a plant I don’t want to eat.

I also had my first gardening disaster a couple of weeks ago, I had my first gardening disaster. I thought my plants would be happy sitting in the sunshine, little did I know they were being eaten. Five of the pots were ravaged by greenfly. Thankfully, my photographer stepped in to help and we managed to save three of the plants. Sadly, the beetroot didn’t survive and went to the compost heap in the sky.

But, it turns out the kitchen windowsill is the perfect place to grow herbs and my photographers rescue strawberry. They are growing almost too fast for me to eat them, but only almost. The only down side is the pink teeth I now have from eating too many strawberries (I hope that doesn’t mean I need a bath!).

I’m still unsure what the flowers I am growing are, but for now I will enjoy eating the basil, parsley and black spearmint whilst I try to work out what else I’ve grown. One of the plants is taller than me I wonder if it will be a sunflower…

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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