About me

I am a blue dinosaur with a deep seated desire to travel the world.  I travel for those who are unable to and inspire everyone with a chronic illness to go on adventures too!  I am an experienced Healthcare Professional who understands the struggles and fears of planning to and going on holiday.  I aim to find accessible places wherever I travel and share them for anyone with a chronic illness to see.  Nowadays, travel blogging humans are everywhere, visiting exotic places and posting often edited photographs, which makes visiting new places seem very scary (even for me!).  I am here to remind everyone that adventures aren’t always long distance travel, or filled to the brim with sightseeing.  Some adventures involve lying on a beach doing  absolutely nothing.  Even a short day trip close to home is just as exciting!

An adventursaurus simply enjoys the beauty and joy surrounding them, no matter where in the world they are.

I hope you like seeing my adventures.     

15 countries, 51 cities visited and counting …

#imanadventursaurus are you?

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