Dipping my toes in Derwent reservoir

Last October I decided to go for a walk around Derwent reservoir and totally forget about sharing the adventure. It’s not often there is a sunny day in the UK, especially in october, many humans had also made the decision to spend an afternoon in the countryside. I say many humans, but in reality it was rather quiet, in the North East of England places rarely get busy, especially when you leave the cities.

I’ve visited Edmundbyers and Blanchland previously but I hadn’t noticed the reservoir (even though it is huge). So when I decided to walk around the outside of what I initially believes to be a small lake. I’d also packed my beach towel in case I fancied a swim. This was quickly removed from my swimming itinerary when I learned there is a giant scary machine under the water which turns humans into sausages (I didn’t want t to become a dinosaur sized chicken nugget).

To get to the reservoir I had to walk through a small forest and up lots of stairs. This took me to a great view of the vast body of water, which I decided against walking around the whole reservoir.

Sitting in the sunshine, enjoying the view had another perk. A local band were playing in the boat house and their songs were floating around the countryside. This is genuinely the most relaxed I’ve ever been. It made up for the earlier disappointment of not being able to go swimming.

I did decided to wander along part of the shoreline to where the overflow is. The walk was totally flat but a lot further than I anticipated. I didn’t realise the reservoir had so many twists and turns. But, it was worth it because I was able to have my photograph taken with the sign (I do like sitting on them).

Exploring and wandering about is my favourite thing but sometimes a dinosaur needs to sit and enjoy the sunshine. So I headed back in the direction I came in and found a small stream, with a bench waiting for me to sit on it. That is exactly where I spent the next few hours enjoying the autumn sunshine and music from the local bands. Best part was my photographer had managed to bring a picnic!

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