What is inside my backpack?

My backpack. The legend. The fashion staple. The enigma; much like the Queen’s handbag.

On each adventure an inquisitive human comes to ask “what is in your backpack?”. Usually, it’s top secret but due to popular demand I’ve decided to reveal the contents of my backpack (mainly because I’ve ran out of other things to write about). Don’t tell anyone though it can be our little secret.

The backpack itself is a vintage hiking Heidi design. I love finding old pieces in the back of the wardrobe (though I’m sad I don’t fit in my photographers shoes). Recently, I’ve had to invest in a suitcase because my backpack wasn’t big enough to fit everything in on my latest trip.

As everyone does, I have some staples in my backpack like my camera, map and passport. These have recently been joined by a deck of cards and a hand fan. Being an adventursaurus isn’t always exciting adventures and losing for photos. Quite often I am in hotel rooms or on long journeys to places away from the tourist sites.

I have a collection or cereal bars in my backpack but they don’t last long at all because I’m always hungry. One thing I often find but can’t eat is the used travel tickets, I have a massive collection of Italian bus tickets (will I be able to use them on my next trip to Italy?).

My wardrobe is also growing rapidly, to the point I need a suitcase when I travel but I usually only take it in winter when I need my jumpers. The more garish the pattern, the better! I’m currently looking for a pair of sunglasses to add to my wardrobe so I no longer need to borrow my photographers when I sunbathe.

I’m sure my backpack is enjoying a well earned rest because I’ve used it so much over the past year or two. But for now I’m using this opportunity to stay home and tidy out my backpack. I really hate unpacking after a n adventure.

Backpack: vintage

suitcase: Build-a-bear

Jumper: Debenhams

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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