Escape to the Country – Enchanting Edmundbyers

I rarely speak about the work I do within the NHS but recently I achieved something wonderful.  To many of you it will be meaningless and something which can be done easily any day you wish.  Weeks of planning and preparation between myself and one of my patients. After weeks of hard work from both of us and lots of special training, finally my patient was able to complete an item from their bucket list, a day trip to Whitby. I am so proud of them managing to make it up all of the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey. It’s a steep climb for everyone, so just imagine having to carry a tank of oxygen too.  Chronic Illness is something many of us live with and unfortunately believe it is what defines us.  Especially those with long term respiratory illness, much of the literature online is rather negative.  It is very refreshing to find someone who owns their illness, using simple things such as exercise and meditation to overcome stress and increase lung function. I love my job and I admire the determination of all my patients living with Chronic Illness, they inspire me to travel and enjoy the beauty in the world.

This huge achievement made me think, I rarely go on day trips myself. This is a great way t o start out on adventures if you are newly diagnosed with Chronic Illness and don’t yet feel up to travelling, this is a fabulous mood booster. I’m really lucky and able to easily visit the coast and countryside with a relatively short drive.  It’s so exciting discovering new places close to home. Making the most of the beautiful summer weather, I decided to go and explore some of the English countryside.

I was pleased to find it was a 45 minute drive through along quiet country lanes. I even went through some villages in England which have fun names.

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My destination was Edmundbyers, close to the Derwent Reservoir. It is a small village dating back to 1183, and is well known for its link to witchcraft in the 17th century.

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Nowadays, it’s a beautiful village with beautiful views across the moors to Muggleswick and beyond (Best. Name. Ever).

After a delightful lunch in the pub, The Punch Bowl, I headed down to the stream called Burnhope burn. A place very close to my photographer’s heart, growing up in a caravan close by it is the first home she knew.  Best part is, there isn’t much there except a stream, some trees, an abundance of nature and the perfect spot to have a picnic.

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I made it across the steppy stones but the tree bridge was a bit more challenging!

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The weather was beautiful, the only thing in the blue sky was an eagle soaring around. A couple of hours later I decided to continue my walk.

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I crossed a small bridge, and stopped for a quick taste of some orange water flowers.

2018-08-26 06.49.08 1.jpg

Off I went up a hill. Wandering through the fields, I came across some very friendly sheep who were lucky enough to have a beautiful view over the village.


There were lots of holes in the ground, I wonder if any of them lead to wonderland?

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I eventually came across the road, which was beautiful and rather long. But, at least it led me back to Edmundbyers.


Each chronic illness warrior can teach us a lot. Like enjoying each day as it comes. Sadly, not all illnesses are curable, especially Pulmonary Fibrosis. Strength comes from within as every day is different. The work done by charities such as the British Lung Foundation and Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis charities do incredible work. Originally, I meant for this to be a post about my great day trip, but unfortunately my inspirational human is no longer around. And, what better time to write this than organ donation week.  Thank you for reminding me of my passion for healthcare, I’m looking forward to helping more humans in the future.

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