A growing garden

A green fingered, blue dinosaur planted some seeds a few weeks ago (you can read the post here). I had little belief that anything would grow, the seeds were so small when I placed them within the small pots.

I chose to keep them all on the windowsill in the kitchen where it is warm, sunny and they could save at all of the plants in the garden. It turns out the eight small pots really liked their new home. I’ve been watering them everyday to make sure they were very happy.

The kitchen window has became a sort of indoor garden (which I love). Sadly I can’t fit anymore plants in this space because my photographer rescued a strawberry plant from the bargain bin at a garden centre.

So far five of of the pots have tiny shoots growing out of the soil. I still can’t work out what they are, some are really tall, some have round leaves and one pot has purple shoots (I’m most excited about this one). Rhino thinks the two ones are either carrots or chillies.

Yesterday, unimpressed rhino decided we should help the plants move into a bigger pot so they’ll have more room to grow. A lot of hard and messy work but I’m glad I had rhino to help me. It took two of us to fill the pots up with soil and separate the shoots. I find it hard planting things due to my short t-rex arms.

The task took us all afternoon but it’s worth it to make the plants grow and be happy. I hope they’ll soon be big enough to go and live in the garden with the other flowers because I’m starting to run out of space on the windowsill.

Hopefully, my next garden themed post will reveal what my plants are! Stay tuned to find out

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