Journaling the journey

Humans are a great source of company for dinosaurs and even better travel buddies. So it will be no surprise to hear that they terrify me; rioting, protesting and having little solidarity when it comes to social distancing and wearing face masks. My furry blue brain has come to realise that humans are all or nothing, I’ve never seen such passion or indifference in any other species (especially not a dinosaur). Though it saddens me to see many are choosing to blindly riot rather than to learn and improve society. Strangely, I have began to miss their company during this period of lock down. I was meant to be travelling around Montenegro and Albania at current, with a group of humans but we chose to postpone until a safer date. My travels around Eastern Europe have been playing on my mind a lot lately, especially my visits to Kupari and Mostar, where I witnessed the destruction humans are capable of … I hope they don’t go that way again.

To pass the time until my next adventure I’ve been busy doing a few travel related activities to keep my mind busy. Earlier in the year my photographer celebrated a birthday and received some thoughtful gifts (one of which being from me). A travel journal, a scratch map and Lonely Planet’s 500 places to visit.

I’ve been enjoying looking through the book, planning future adventures and ticking off the places I’ve visited, I’ve ticked off 19 of the 500 so far. I’ll be ticking off a few more of the places in the UK in the foreseeable future. I’m glad to have a scratch map to see where these places are. Though I’ll take any excuse to ride on an airplane.

My photographer’s favourite is the travel journal, I’ve been enjoying doodling some of my favourite things from my travels. I’ve been helping my photographer create a bucket list, there isn’t 50 places like mine but I’ve made sure to include some places which I really want to visit. It’s sad that my photographer has only been able to include two adventures so far but its given me more time to practise my drawing skills. I’m really enjoying documenting my adventures on paper, it’s way more personal than the blog (I often worry that my photography isn’t good enough as I never use photoshop).

My life is very relaxing at the moment as I mainly draw, tend to my little garden or drink coffee in the sunshine; absolute bliss. Now the weather is getting better I am planning a few UK based trips which I am very excited about. though I have to wait for my photographer to have a day off work because for some reason I’m not allowed to drive. My photographer and I can’t wait to fill in a few more pages of the travel journal.

Travel Journal: Typo

Travel Journal inspiration: Pinterest

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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