My bucket list

As an Adventursaurus, my mind is always thinking about adventures and where to find them. But, I have never sat down and thought about where I would like to go most. So on this snowy Tuesday, I’ve decided to sit down and make a list of the places I would love to visit and things I would love to experience in the future:

  1. Singapore – especially the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa Island. ✔️
  2. Exploring Iceland and visiting the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon
  3. Saudi Arabia – full of history and the Winter at Tantora Festival is something I’d love to experience.
  4. Spain – I’d love to see the architecture of Seville, Alhambra and Cordoba
  5. Cambodia and it’s numerous temples, beaches and floating villages.
  6. Dubai and Abu Dhabi – I’d just love to see the glitz and glam of these Middle Eastern cities. ✔️
  7. Peru – maybe I’ll be the first dinosaur to climb Machu Picchu
  8. Italy – Rome, Visiting the Amalfi Coast to hike up Mount Vesuvius (as long as it is nice and inactive!) and visiting Burano island near Venice. ✔️
  9. The Vatican – of course I’d have to visit the city country when I visit Rome!
  10. Japan – a beautiful place I’d love to visit the cherry blossoms and snow monkeys.
  11. Slovenia – I was found in a pile of newspapers in Kranskja Gora. As I was only an egg at that point, I don’t remember it. I would love to visit the place I came from.
  12. Galapagos Island’s – anywhere I can watch animals in their natural habitat is high up on my list!
  13. Jordan – I’d love to go into the desert of Wadi Rum, see Petra and maybe float in the dead sea too!
  14. Vietnam – Ha Long bay and Hoi An are places I would love to explore.
  15. Slovakia – The Tatra mountains and Bratislava look so beautiful. ✔️
  16. China – I would love to hike along the Great Wall, see the terracotta army and explore Beijing.
  17. Argentina – one day I hope to be the first dinosaur to go to Uschuaia and Patagonia
  18. Malta – medieval streets and blue lagoons what’s more to want!
  19. Norway – I’d love to see the fjords.
  20. Shetland Islands – I’d love to see the north pole and all of the wildlife on Shetland. ✔️
  21. Hong Kong – a ride on a star ferry and a visit to Lantau Island is very high on my list of places to go. ✔️
  22. Georgia – Tbilisi looks incredible. I love finding places off the tourist radar.
  23. New Zealand – Hobbiton is another must see for me!
  24. Namibia – wow … I’d love to do a safari and sleep under the desert stars.
  25. Cook Islands – well there had to be one paradise Island in the list
  26. Hawaii – of course a dinosaur has to visit the place Jurassic Park was filmed at least once.
  27. Poland – I simply love Eastern Europe and its history. ✔️
  28. Montenegro – mountains and medieval towns. ✔️
  29. Bosnia and Herzegovina – I really think eastern European countries are really underrated. ✔️
  30. Oman – unspoiled paradise, I would love to visit a more traditional Arabian country.
  31. Portugal – I’d love to ride the trams up and down the streets of Lisbon.
  32. Scotland – my photographer lived in Edinburgh but I’ve never visited. I’d particularly like to see Oban. ✔️
  33. Bhutan – a country which has the highest levels of happiness, I’d love to find out their secret to happiness, as well as hiking up the Tigers nest monastery.
  34. Uzbekistan – the silk road is a journey I’d love to do. Might have to start saving my pennies first though.
  35. Tahiti – OK I put this one in to keep my photographer happy.
  36. Sri Lanka – I’d love to ride the train through the tea plantations.
  37. Qatar – another gem in the Middle East.
  38. Greenland – I’d love to stay in an igloo.
  39. Malaysia – what does this country not have, it looks incredible. ✔️
  40. Eastern Europe – I’d love to do a road trip through this area. ✔️
  41. France – I’d love to see Versailles, Annecy and travel through the French countryside.
  42. Ecuador – my dream is to stay in the Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forest reserve.
  43. California – a road trip along the Pacific coast is something I’d love to do.
  44. Sweden – I love scandi noir novels and would love to see the places where they are set.
  45. Finland – a definite must to see the northern lights.
  46. The Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia look like exciting and interesting places to visit.
  47. La Geria – a tropical oasis in the Canary Islands
  48. Croatia – I’d love to visit the walled city and see the incredible Croatian sunsets for myself. ✔️
  49. Austria – Vienna Christmas market is a must do. ✔️
  50. Taiwan – I’d love to experience Taipei!

To tick things off my bucket list, should I take a bucket with me?

But, in all honesty I would love to prove that each country in the world is accessible for each and every chronic illness adventursaurus to visit.

15 countries visited … 180 to go!

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