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My bucket list

As an Adventursaurus, my mind is always thinking about adventures and where to find them. But, I have never sat down and thought about where I would like to go most. So on this snowy Tuesday, I’ve decided to sit down and make a list of the places I would love to visit and things I would love to experience in the future:

  1. Singapore – especially the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa Island. ✔️
  2. Exploring Iceland and visiting the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon
  3. Visiting Burano island near Venice.
  4. Revisiting the Amalfi Coast to hike up Mount Vesuvius (as long as it is nice and inactive!)
  5. Laos – a simply beautiful country
  6. Cambodia and it’s numerous temples, beaches and floating villages.
  7. Dubai and Abu Dhabi – I’d just love to see the glitz and glam of these Middle Eastern cities. ✔️
  8. Peru – maybe I’ll be the first dinosaur to climb Machu Picchu
  9. Italy – Rome. There are so many reasons I’d love to visit! ✔️
  10. The Vatican – of course I’d have to visit the city country when I visit Rome!
  11. Japan – a beautiful place I’d love to visit the cherry blossoms and snow monkeys.
  12. Slovenia – I was found in a pile of newspapers in Kranskja Gora. As I was only an egg at that point, I don’t remember it. I would love to visit the place I came from.
  13. Galapagos Island’s – anywhere I can watch animals in their natural habitat is high up on my list!
  14. Jordan – I’d love to go into the desert of Wadi Rum, see Petra and maybe float in the dead sea too!
  15. China – My photographer and I are considering a hike along the Great Wall of China soon.
  16. Russia – Teatral’nyy Most on the corner of the Griboyedov channel embankment. I believe this is the most beautiful street corner in the world and would love to make a trip to Saint Petersburg in winter to see it in the snow.
  17. Chile – South America has always intrigued me. I’d love to see the Andes mountains.
  18. Argentina – one day I hope to be the first dinosaur to go to Uschuaia and Patagonia
  19. Malta – medieval streets and blue lagoons what’s more to want!
  20. Norway – I’d love to see the fjords.
  21. Shetland Islands – I’d love to see the north pole and all of the wildlife on Shetland. ✔️
  22. Hong Kong – a visit to Lantau Island is very high on my list of places to go.
  23. Georgia – Tbilisi looks incredible. I love finding places off the tourist radar.
  24. New Zealand – Hobbiton is another must see for me!
  25. Namibia – wow … I’d love to do a safari and sleep under the desert stars.
  26. Cook Islands – well there had to be one paradise Island in the list
  27. Hawaii – of course a dinosaur has to visit the place Jurassic Park was filmed at least once.
  28. Poland – I simply love Eastern Europe and its history. ✔️
  29. Montenegro – mountains and medieval towns. ✔️
  30. Bosnia and Herzegovina – I really think eastern European countries are really underrated. ✔️
  31. Oman – unspoiled paradise, I would love to visit a more traditional Arabian country.
  32. Portugal – I’d love to ride the trams up and down the streets of Lisbon.
  33. Scotland – my photographer lived in Edinburgh but I’ve never visited. I’d particularly like to see Oban. ✔️
  34. Bhutan – a country which has the highest levels of happiness, I’d love to find out their secret to happiness, as well as hiking up the Tigers nest monastery.
  35. Uzbekistan – the silk road is a journey I’d love to do. Might have to start saving my pennies first though.
  36. Tahiti – OK I put this one in to keep my photographer happy.
  37. Sri Lanka – I’d love to ride the train through the tea plantations.
  38. Qatar – another gem in the Middle East.
  39. Greenland – I’d love to stay in an igloo.
  40. Malaysia – what does this country not have, it looks incredible. ✔️
  41. Mauritius – I think the beaches are the best in the world.
  42. Philippines – an island paradise
  43. Ecuador – my dream is to stay in the Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forest reserve.
  44. California – a road trip along the Pacific coast is something I’d love to do.
  45. Sweden – I love scandi noir novels and would love to see the places where they are set.
  46. Finland – a definite must to see the northern lights.
  47. The Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia look like exciting and interesting places to visit.
  48. La Geria – a tropical oasis in the Canary Islands
  49. Croatia – I’d love to visit the walled city and see the incredible Croatian sunsets for myself. ✔️
  50. Austria – Vienna Christmas market is a must do. ✔️

To tick things off my bucket list, should I take a bucket with me?

But, in all honesty I would love to prove that each country in the world is accessible for each and every chronic illness adventursaurus to visit.

13 countries visited … 182 to go!

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