Star of Siam – Restaurant Review

The Restaurant

A thai restaurant in Rainton, hidden on the bottom floor of the Highfield Hotel. A family run restaurant which has been going for over 25 years, providing people with delicious food using traditional thai recipes.

The Food

Thung Thong was the first dish. Tasty parcels of veggies, only downside was the lack of either chilli or plum sauce for dipping. Followed by a yellow curry filled to the brim with veggies. I like how the curries are brought in a ceramic pot placed over a tealight. But, in true veganosaurus fashion only one main wasn’t enough. I decided to also have a Pad Thai, my go to in any Thai restaurant. It may have looked small on the plate but it didn’t disappoint and I struggled to eat it all (but that might have been the previous 2 courses).

Finishing off with coffee and cake (the size of a doorstep). I was surprised to find out the cheesecake was homemade. Sometimes the simplest deserts are the best.

The decorations

Simple decorations, including a water feature covered in water lilies, a blossoming tree and small statues. The chairs are super comfortable lounge chairs, giving a relaxed vibe. However, the decorations aren’t important when the view from the window looks like this! Uninterrupted views over to penshaw monument are waiting if you go on a clear day!

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The Staff

Very friendly, helpful staff. I like it when the waiters are relaxed and leave you to decide what tasty food to try first. They allow you to sit where you want (within reason). However, they are always on hand with helpful suggestions and alternatives to the menu if needed.


Wonderful food, reasonably priced with my favourite lunchtime special menu. The cake is to die for and the view from the window is fabulous both night and day. I like the chilled out vibes of the restaurant and the sheer amount of veggies which come in the curries. It’s definitely a place I’m planning on returning to in the future.

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