Greenery in the city centre – Part two Cox Green

Another sunny bank holiday weekend, another attempt to find greenery in the city. This weekend I chose a route which I had partly completed in the past, starting at Penshaw Monument.  However, this time, I chose to walk around the back of it, rather than straight up to the summit.


There are many different paths, going in all directions. I chose the one with a gradual ascent up and around the first hill. It went around the back of Penshaw Monument, into an area of woodland. The floor was covered in wild garlic flowers and bluebells. It was so beautiful, I had timed it perfectly as the flowers made the place even more beautiful. I’m glad I was surrounded by trees for some shade because the sun was beating down.


Once I had made it out of the woodland, I had to walk down the road for a while to get past the golf course. I met a super friendly horsey who came to say hello and enjoyed some cuddles! Before this I was scared of horses but now I’ve come to realise they’re friendly and really improve your mood.

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After my impromptu break, I carried on towards Cox Green. Which, surprisingly was right on the river wear. I wasn’t expecting to see the river on this adventure,  but I guess I might have misread the map (the blue lines are rivers). The best thing about walking along the river was the well paved  (minus the mud). Lots of boats were floating about in the sunshine. One day I hope to go on a boat myself, it looks so relaxing.


Being on the riverside was very enjoyable, especially with all of the wildlife in the area. I saw many species of bird and a red squirrel.


Once I made it to Cox Green I was greeted by a beautiful and quaint village with a bridge, leading to another adventure.  I had a quick break to enjoy the view, before my uphill journey back to where I started.

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Once I set off up the hill, I chose to take a slightly shorter route back as my legs were getting tired. I walked up the narrow country lane, past the most majestic Shetland pony ever. Keeping the amazing views of Penshaw Monument to my right so I knew I was going in the right direction.

To get to Penshaw Monument, I had to climb many stairs. This was a huge achievement for me (short leg problems), it took quite a long time but I was excited to know I can climb stairs now.


Through the final sty, I finally made it to Penshaw Monument, a clear day made the views even better than my last visit. But, I didn’t stay long, I wanted to make my descent to the cake shop before it closed!

This adventure pushed me to my limits, I made it around my three mile walk and up the huge staircase. Gradually improving my fitness and love of the outdoors. I’m looking forward to my next adventure, wherever that will be.

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We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment. – Hilaire Belloc


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