Climbing the mystical mountain called Penshaw Monument

Day 1

Beginning my adventure to climb the Mystical Mountain known as Penshaw Monument.  I hiked through the fields and made it to a vast lake, surrounded by Willow trees and reeds.  A beautiful site, so luscious and green, with many birds calling this place home.

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Problem no. 1: Finding a way across. The lake was so vast I knew it would take too long to walk around, and I am unable to swim so that was also out of the question.  After a few hours of searching and thinking about how to overcome this, I found a boat to take me across the vast lake.  Luckily I was the only one who needed to use it.

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Day 2

The hunger was setting in from all of the long hours hiking through the countryside, so I stopped to try some of the local delicacies at a very popular restaurant. Strangely there were no tables, but the locals didn’t seem to mind and happily invited me to join them.

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Day 3

After a sleepy start, I left my comfortable B&B to continue on my journey.

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Encountering a few problems when I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in a wooded area which was guarded by some giant cows.  Unfortunately neither of us could understand the other due to a huge language barrier.  So I decided to retrace my steps and eventually found the right path.

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Day 4

“Life’s better when you stop to smell (and eat) the flowers” sums up my afternoon perfectly. I love getting lost in flowery meadows on a sunny afternoon.  After the stressful day I had yesterday, I decided to treat myself to an easy morning and enjoy my surroundings in the glorious weather.

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After my easy morning, I decided to continue on my journey and complete the hardest part.  I had to scale a cliff to reach the next path on my journey to the summit of Penshaw Monument.  This was the toughest climb I have ever done (even harder than scaling the kitchen counter to get in the fridge), but this shortcut allowed me to reach the final part of my journey quicker.

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Day 5

A quick pit stop to rest my achy legs then continuing up hill to my destination.

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Finally, I glimpsed the first view of the summit of Penshaw Monument.  I decided to make camp next to the welcome sign so I could begin the final leg of my journey easily the next day.

Day 6

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Hills are very hard to climb, especially in the warm weather. So, I kept stopping to rest. There’s something about looking back after climbing a hill and being able to say “I climbed that”.  It’s a great feeling and I found it helped me feel more confident and positive when I was getting tired and beginning to struggle.

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The final big hill on my journey.  Then …

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And, the best part is, I got to ride a shiny, red tractor all the way home.

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It’s amazing how many people say you can’t do certain things.  I like to prove them wrong.  It may have taken me 6 days to walk up Penshaw Monument, instead of the hour it would take a fit human.  However, I persevered and achieved my goal.  As small as it may seem, there were times when I wanted to give up, but giving in would be letting those who don’t believe in me win.  It’s another tick off my bucket list.  Best part it, I know I can climb mountains and look forward to climbing many more in the future.

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