Sunny South Shields

When my photographer suggested a walk along the beach in the middle of February, I wasn’t convinced at all that it was a good idea. The snowy weather has made me want to do nothing but hibernate. In all honesty, I’ve been feeling a bit down lately because my Instagram hasn’t been doing as well as normal (any tips would be gratefully received). The gloomy weather has made me a little lack luster, so it’s safe to say I really had to force myself to go out to the beach.

But I’m glad I did, the clouds cleared and the sun came out (even if it was still freezing). Much to my surprise, we went to a beautiful white sand beach. I love the sand dunes, they are something I have never experienced before. They were really hard to climb up, but from the top I was able to see the cliffs and the sea. If the weather was a bit warmer I would have thought I was in Australia!

Looking over to the old cigarette factory and North Shields abbey was a treat. The North East coast isn’t normally clear. I was able to see all the way across to the other side of the river. Being outside made me feel a lot better and my photographer was happy to try out a new camera.

Looking one way, the beach lead to rugged cliffs, the other lead to the river and dock for the Amsterdam and Gothenburg ferry. This area was surrounded by a happy vibe, everyone passing by seemed to be in good spirits. I think this may be the start of spring! It’s amazing how good sunny weather makes you feel.

Winding through the sand dunes was hard work but filled with beauty and soon I came to the first pier. It was a really long pier so I decided not to walk to the end, instead making my way to a small hidden beach. At the end of the beach I could see a strange red thing (it was a light house building).

Much to my surprise some humans were in the sea, it’s February!?!?! I was not a brave dinosaur, instead I made a smiley face out of the beach treasure I found.

At the end of the beach I found the strange red thing, which turned out to be a spaceship! I wonder who parked it there? Luckily I didn’t spot any aliens. They must have been hiding. They did choose a beautiful place to park though!

Making my way along the river I found a friendly tortoise who let me ride along on his back. Sadly we didn’t get very far with this ride. Maybe I will catch up with him another time.

Whilst walking through South Shields, there were many statues. I really liked the humans which were dotted about. There are 22 ‘Weebles’ in total made by the artist Juan Muñoz. Here is my favourite.

Sadly, it was time to leave the beach, but not before sitting in the middle of an eye singing (a rather terrible rendition of) Bring back my bonnie to me. It’s exciting to think that the next time I visit a beach will be in Singapore. I’m so excited to share my adventures with you all!

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