Tall ships race.

On a sunny summer evening, I went to see some giant boats who were about to start a race. The boats had come to the start line from all over the world. Sunderland was to be the starting line, surprisingly a quiet unexciting city had been chosen. The River wear where the boats had docked were once home to huge shipyards, which have sadly long been forgotten. It was nice to see a city which once had a bustling scene around the riverside get that back for a few days.

From Sunderland, the tall ships were racing first to Esbjerg, Denmark then Stavanger, Norway and finally Harlingen in the Netherlands. All together there was 55 ships taking part in the race, from all over Europe.

But, not before everyone could take a look and explore some of the boats competing. Having never been on a huge boat before, I was super excited to see on up close. All along the riverside, the boats were moored. Friendly sailors waved from them. One boat even had a furry mascot!

There was so much going on around the boats but sadly I was just wandering about. I was even too short to ride on the merry-go-round (Maybe next time).

Walking back over the bridge, I was able to see some of the beautiful graffiti on the riverside. Waving goodbye to the boats, it was time to go home.

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