An Autumnal Adventure

Slowly, I am acclimatising to the frosty and rainy English weather that England is known for.  One thing which has made this easier is that I managed to make it back while the autumn leaves are still on the trees, making Durham glow orange and gold.


It’s no secret that I hate winter and the cold but for once it’s mild and sunny, perfect for a short wander along the Riverside. But not before a coffee and cake of course!

Durham Riverside is a place where I often visit because it is close to the city centre, but feels like I am in the countryside.  Usually I make my way into the city centre, but this time I chose to go in the opposite direction, to Shincliffe Hall.  It’s hard work but I love wandering along woodland paths, especially when there is treasure to be found! (Translation from the human: conkers). 

Continuing my wander after filling my photographer’s bag with my exciting finds lead me to one of Durham’s many old stone bridges. Where the trees with colourful leaves lined the Riverside.  But, in true Adventursaurus fashion I chose a path I had never been along before. It brought me out at a Secret Garden which very few people know exists (it’s free entry too!).  Not only were the autumn colours at their finest, the orchards were brimming with fruit.  Out of everything, my favourite part was the entrance.

Leaving the secret garden behind, I took another path which eventually brought me round to my start and end point.

What initially started as a mission to find some cake, turned into a short stroll, and eventually a 10km walk in the autumn sunshine.  My vitamin D has been topped up, now I’m refreshed and ready to start preparing for a visit from Santa!


Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus

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