An Italian Adventure – Magical Minori

A short 30 minute walk along the coastline, or through the lemon groves of the Sentiero di Limoni hike, takes you from Maiori to Minori.  To many Italians it is known as “the town of good taste” for the number of gastronomic delights from this area.  As a solo travel dinosaur, I’m sad to report I didn’t get to eat all of them.

Minori is an uncrowded seaside town amidst the wide cove of the costeria, if you want a better beach visit Maiori.  It is a lot less glamorous than it’s fellow UNESCO sites Amalfi and Positano. But, in true Italian style, the pastel-coloured houses are dotted throughout the valley.  Some perched on the cliffs amongst the lemon-groves. Sloping back down the terraced hills into the town brings you to the pedestrian shopping streets, a beautiful yellow cathedral and the analogy coast road (a source of road rage and car horns).  Leaving the town behind, the volcanic black sand gently slopes into the turquoise waters. 

The beach is laced with treasure (translation from the human – smooth glass pebbles). There is quite a deep shelf when you try to plodge and the current changes rapidly, so best to say out of the water if you aren’t a strong swimmer. 

Whilst on the beach you really begin to feel the laid back fishing village vibe Minori oozes.  Wooden fishing boats are parked on the beach or Bob around the metal ferry port.  Many of the fishermen sit around the fountain in the square or in one of the numerous waterside cafes.  The town and beach are south facing, so as the midday sun rises, it is easy to jump in a pastry shop for some shade and a well earned mid-afternoon snack. 

Honestly, since my impromptu hike, I haven’t stopped thinking about the cakes at Sap dear Riso.  After eyeing up lots of dishes ordered by humans, I opted for something more savoury (shock!).  Best part is, this restaurant has vegan and gluten free options! And they aren’t just a salad! I had an incredible flatbread pizza, which was huge but I devoured it in one go. Obviously finished off with another delicious coffee and cake.  

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Although the sun is setting over my time in Italy, I am sad to leave but I was surprised to find how affordable and accessible the Amalfi Coast is.  Once again Italy has surpassed my expectations and I look forward to returning and exploring more of this fascinating country. 

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