An Italian Adventure – Magnificent Maiori

One really bad habit of mine whilst travelling is forgetting to relax and enjoy the area around where I am staying. As you will have seen, I went straight into visiting the more famous areas around the Amalfi Coast.  After lots of hard work hiking and being an Adventursaurus.  I’m guilty of trying to do too much whilst visiting a new place, so I was looking forward to do some relaxing (and eating, but more on that later).

Maiori is a relatively small coastal town, spreading back from the Lungomare Amendola, coast path, in a L shape.  To rest my short dinosaur legs, I like nothing more than dipping my toes in the sea and lying in the sunshine.  Wandering along the promenade provided lots of fabulous views of the bay, from the numerous artistic benches.

Leaving the artwork behind for a well earned for an afternoon on the beach.  Maiori has the biggest and best beach on the Amalfi Coast, with the sand and shingle shoreline, stretching nearly 1 kilometre.  I’ve tried being mindful and meditating in the past, but lying on the beach watching the sunset, really allowed me to relax fully.  The waves can change rapidly here, so it’s a fabulous place to laugh at humans getting soaked by icy cold seawater (this happened to my photographer!).

Leaving the beach behind, I decided to walk up through the town. I love Italian streets, the cobbled roads, stone houses and wild flowers growing up the walls.  My favourite part of Italy is the sheer amount of fruit and veg shops and bakery’s on each street.  I love the aroma they give off and best part is trying the local delicacies. Although the streets in Maiori seem to be really long, there are lots of benches to sit on and watch the world go by (just like the locals).

The aromas of the bakery’s definitely won me over and I couldn’t resist trying a local delicacy, a chocolate covered aubergine (yes, sounds disgusting, right?!?!).  One word describes it … Life-changing.  I still don’t know how something which sounds so wrong, tastes so right.

Continuing my wandering around the town, enjoying the architecture and views out to the hills. I love the vintage and old feel of all the buildings.  I made it all the was along to an old Norman watchtower which is now a Michelin starred restaurant.

Coming out at the coast, I decided I was hungry (again …).   I found a colourful, albeit tiny restaurant opposite the seafront called Aquachiara. At first it looked like a greasy spoon. But, I was proven wrong and this place served me one of the best pizza’s I have ever eaten …. And I eat a lot of pizza.

Amalfi pizza – covered in fresh lemons

A fabulous day relaxing and not really achieving much was just what I needed. Often I forget that relaxing, eating and just wandering aimlessly can be fun and refreshing. I should really do this more often whilst travelling. Now off to watch the Italian sky paint another beautiful sunset.

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“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” -Roy M. Goodman

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