An Italian Adventure …

As with the life of a traveller, I set off early to go to the airport.  After a lot of researching I had created an exciting itinerary for my first trip to Switzerland.  However, an unexpected issue arose and I had to rearrange my plans whilst at the airport.  I was pleased to find an available window seat on a different flight. At least it was a clear day to wave at Switzerland as I flew past.


Finally after a 1 hour 45 minute flight, I arrived in my new destination of Verona.  The best thing about Italy (apart from the food) is the public buses, so cheap and very punctual. To keep the cost of my trip down, I chose to stay in Hotel Palme in Garda Town.

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The hotel itself was basic, but situated in a great place, a 10 minute stroll along a gentle incline to the town centre, bus station and lake. This made the hotel and it’s grounds very peaceful.  The room I stayed in had a view over the mountains, which was serene and I enjoyed beginning each day with a view of green.


The only part of the hotel which was rather disappointing was the food.  It’s 2018 and I am a vegan, but here I really struggled with my diet. In the end I had to revert back to my old vegetarian ways (eurgh). On a couple of the nights it was clear they had forgotten to prepare something for me so I received cheese on toast as an evening meal. This was redeemed by the ratatouille and grilled vegetables on the salad table. I had forgotten what it was like to struggle to eat as a non-meat eater, but I guess recently I have been very lucky with the hotels and restaurants I have visited.

2018-06-24 09.34.35 1.jpg

The main reason I decided on Lake Garda was its close proximity to beautiful cities such as Verona, Florence and Venice. Also the opportunity to walk around the Lake easily. Finding activities which were easy to enjoy was very easy here, my main battle was with the weather, averaging 38 degrees most days.

I chose to enjoy gentle activities because I have been very busy working in a hospital recently. A lake side setting was the best way to relax, especially with all of the ducks happily swimming around.  I love nature, animals never fail to cheer me up, I had fun feeding the ducks each morning. However, I was shocked to see people feeding the baby ducks chocolate.

Since I have many things planned for my visit to Italy, I’ve decided to separate my adventures into different posts.

Stay tuned to see more of my Italian Adventures …

Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going. – Paul Theroux

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