An Italian Adventure – Picturesque Positano

When someone says Amalfi Coast, the first place you think of is Positano.  I was excited to become a willing prisoner of the legendary landscape for the day.

After an enthralling ride on the bus from Amalfi to Positano, watching the cliffside towns meet the ocean and winding around the mountains. Suddenly, an incredible view opens up, a place like no other.  Pastel coloured houses clinging to the side of the cliff, leading down to the multicoloured cathedral dome and black sand beach.

Walking along the stretch of road that winds down into it. I came across narrow and articulated alleys, stairways that look out onto suggestive and breathtaking views, made of terraced gardens, pergolas of lemons and multicoloured spots of bougainvillea.

2018-11-06 09.14.59 1.jpg

Positano – the one place in Italy which has always been at the top of my bucket list (Except for the place where the Popemobile lives).  But, never in my dizziest daydreams did I ever think I would make it to not one but 3 UNESCO world heritage sites which are favourites of the rich and famous.

Both easy to get to and as affordable as you want to make it. I managed to see quite a lot in a single day, but staying a few days would be better.  You don’t need to go on an organised tour to get to Positano, unless you want too.

Zagara restaurant and bakery is a hidden gem, with reasonably priced coffee and fabulous views of Positano through the delightfully scented lemon groves.

2018-10-06 07.05.51 1.jpg

I was slightly disappointed with the beach, but that being surrounded by a beautiful town, it’s one of the easiest places to enjoy the view of the town without a hike. Spiaggia Grande is the centre of the town, where it meets the shore line, where the many boats Bob around admiring the view.

2018-11-06 09.15.37 2.jpg

A short walk around the corner took me to a beautiful secluded cove which took my breath away with its beauty.  I honestly can’t say why I love it, it isn’t incredible sand, nor the biggest beach. But, it is a place with a connection to nature and the mountains around it.

2018-11-06 09.15.25 2.jpg

Wandering about the town, there were lots of little chilli plants around, they smelt and looked spicy! The fishing nets around the beaches were a beautiful insight into authentic Italian life, I love that tourism isn’t the only thing the town relies on.

2018-11-06 09.15.21 2.jpg

I found a small and free museum of Leonardo da Vinci, did you know the Mona Lisa is actually a dinosaur?


On my way back through the town I found an incredible sculpture artist who had the best sculpture garden I’ve seen for a long time.

2018-11-06 09.15.18 1.jpg

Continuing up completely different path, I found a great view of the town, which also captured the Bougainvillea perfectly.  I managed to see this on a clear day which gave great views of the Amalfi Coast.

2018-11-06 09.15.06 2.jpg

I loved visiting this village, but I can’t help feeling like I missed part of it. I should have done some research prior to visiting, to find the incredible and often hidden gems, such as Montepertuso and the Oasis of Vallone Porto. The best part about not seeing everything a town has to offer, is the opportunity to visit again in the future.

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