Leisurely Lanzarote

Prior to my visit to Lanzarote, I was rather apprehensive about visiting due to all of the mountains and volcanoes (I have short legs).

After having a lot of fun riding the escalator in the airport, much to my humans embarrassment. I arrived in Playa Blanca on the southernmost edge of Lanzarote. We chose to stay in the Mirador Papagayo as it was adjacent to the flat promenade on the coast.  Set away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists, I could explore lesser known Lanzarote comfortably.

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Whilst researching fun things to do, I noticed many of the activities were aimed at those who were fit and able to walk a long way. Here are my favourite places which are easy to access:

  1. The Marina

Cafe Terraza has THE BEST cake in Lanzarote. This comes with the bonus of reasonable prices and an uninterrupted view of the marina.  (Those who know me and follow my Instagram page, know I am passionate about finding and eating cake).


Delicious homemade peach cake aside, I love how much marine life is present in the marina.  The thought of marine life being over fished is extremely upsetting to me as I have already witnessed the extinction of my species. I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch the many animals swimming about happily.

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2. Papagayo beach

A short walk from Playa Blanca are many quiet white sand coves. Whilst I was there I was lucky enough to have the beach to myself. There’s something soothing about watching the boats and listening to the waves that makes you feel happy and generally more positive.

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The calm waters were perfect a relaxing swim, even if the water was freezing. Maybe next time I will just dip my toes instead.

During my time at the beach I collected a lot of beach treasure. Upon leaving, I met a young girl whose wheelchair meant she was unable to go on the sand.  I was deeply saddened by the thought someone was missing out on the fun of the beach, so I gave her my beach treasure.  Happiness really does come from the simple things in life and I hope one day Lanzarote adds some boardwalk to their beaches for all of the wheelchair users out there.

3. Arrecife Airport

This is one of the most exhilarating places I have been. Sitting by the beach, with airplanes coming right over your head. Anyone like me who would like to do exhilarating activities without having to skydive should try this. The planes aren’t quite as low as Skiathos Airport but its still fun.

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4. Walking through the desert

OK this one is a little bit more adventurous than all of the others, but it is worth it (and you can drive most of the way). It is a fun experience and if you are lucky you may find some footprints that lead to animals. There are some rather steep hills and rocky paths but they are easily avoidable. It is a beautiful area with nature everywhere and many paths to explore.



The best part, there is a restaurant on the cliff at the southernmost edge of this walk, overlooking a beautiful cove and Fuerteventura. As fun as this exploration was, I think it is best suited to winter when the temperatures are cooler since there is no shade and few places to rest.

5. Watching the sunset

Single-handedly the best way to end each day, who needs television when nature provides such beauty. Less than a 10 minute walk from the Mirador Papagayo Hotel, along the promenade, is an uninterrupted view of the sunset.


Many people are of the opinion that you need to climb a mountain or hike for miles to see the sunset. I am here to say otherwise.  Sitting on a bench with this view really is one of the best things in life.


6. Exploring Arrecife’s lagoon

A fabulous place to go for a short stroll, or spend a leisurely afternoon in the sunshine.  There are numerous things to do including; people watching whilst sipping of Sangria, spotting a Jurassic creature, seeing the fishies and  watching the boats (my favourite).

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It really is this beautiful!

I’m so grateful to be able to enjoy visiting so many beautiful places and I am excited to visit my next destination.

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