After exploring the main city in Lanzarote, I decided to visit some of the more rugged and quieter side of the island.

I love hiking especially when it is sunny and there is the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of a country.  Upon leaving my hotel, I chose to take the path to the left which initially looked as though it went to a cliff and stopped.  Following the path around a different hotel, I found a dirt track over what I thought was a cliff.   A misty and very windy day meant there were few humans around, giving a very eerie and atmospheric feel to my hike.  Becoming slightly deflated as I couldn’t even see  Fuerteventura, carrying on my hike, I decided to see how far I could get.   

Walking all the way along a dirt path, which was relatively flat and easy to walk, I found a deserted beach. The waves were very high and impressive, but the best part was the reflection on the wet sand. I could have sat for hours watching the waves but I was getting windburn in my blue fur.

Taking a different route back I noticed the clouds were beginning to break up (sun tan lotion at the ready!).  My first stop was some ruins of an old house, being an Adventursaurus I decided to climb to the top to admire the beautiful blue sea! (Lanzarote is the exact right amount of blue).

As I had walked inland on my way to the beach I hadn’t noticed, Papagayo is not 1 but 5 beaches (all beautiful so it’s hard to pick one).  I chose to walk along all of the beaches. The tide was out so I was able to stay on the sand all the way along the last three.

My favourite beach was the middle of those three, as it had the least humans on it.  Well … There were a few nudies in the corner, but don’t worry I looked the other way. Nudies aside (literally) I chose to sit and enjoy the sunshine, whilst watching my photographer get soaked by several waves (when will this human learn?). Whilst sitting on the beach, I just couldn’t resist getting my camera out!  As the clouds had cleared, I could finally see Fuerteventura and some boats (YAY!!).

Exploring the rock pools, I came across a small cave, I wonder who lives in there?

Whilst sitting on a rock watching the waves, I noticed something in the water behind a passing catamaran, much to my disbelief it was a school of dolphins. I never believed I would be lucky enough to see anything in the water, never mind several dolphins enjoying themselves in their natural habitat. Whilst I am not vegan for the animals, I just love seeing animals enjoying themselves in their own playground. I am a strong believer dolphins shouldn’t be put in small enclosures and taught “party tricks”, it’s much more enjoyable watching them jump through the waves a boat has made.

Sadly the dolphins were too fast to catch on camera

Excited, sunburned and hungry I decided it was time to leave the beach and search for some lunch.  These beaches are beautiful but there is only one restaurant right at the top of the cliff.  If I had known how desolate the beaches were, I would have brought a picnic.

Say Cheese!

I had a fabulous day chilling out on the beach, I’m not normally one to sit about and do nothing but this was needed to recharge my batteries.  This is definitely one of my favourite beaches.

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