Mirador Papagayo – A hotel review

For those of you have followed my adventures for a while will know my photographer and I are rather fond of spending Christmas on the beach. Whilst we have tried a few different parts of Lanzarote, the Papagayo area of Playa Blanca is by far our favourite. This is my third time staying in this area, and I will admit it is also my third visit to THe Mirador Papagayo hotel. I last visited this hotel in 2018 (you can read my previous review here) and could not wait to come back. Normally I like to visit new places when I travel, but I find it just as relaxing to go to a familiar place

The Room

As it was Christmas, I decided to surprise my photographer with a room upgrade (it was only £30 for my stay). I chose a Junior Suite (premium room) with a front sea view. We were greeted by a concierge at check-in to take us to the room, which was hidden behind the swimming pool. There is a separate entrance for these rooms, which involves stairs, but it is useful if you don’t want to dodge the sunbeds each day. Entrance from the hotel reception has ramps and lifts which make the premium rooms easily accessible for wheelchairs and walking aids.

I had lots of space in my suite (it makes me feel posh to say that). I had two big sized rooms, the first had a huge double bed and a circle chair to enjoy the views from the window. Just off the main bedroom was a walk in wardrobe! It had so much space I was able to fully unpack and still have space to put my photographer.

The second had a sofa, which was also a double bed, dining area, and a small kitchen (complete with a Nespresso machine that I couldn’t figure out how to use).

The whole room had really fast Wi-Fi and two huge televisions. I really enjoyed having the space to relax in my room on an evening, the table doubled nicely as a spot to play cards and to put my Christmas tree.

The bathroom had a full (human) sized bathtub with a rainfall shower and handheld shower. I loved these as it was really nice to use after a day of hiking and walking to various beaches. Though it was tricky getting into the bath due to the glass divider, so humans with mobility issues may find this a difficult task.

The Terrace

As we all know, I am a self-confessed balcony snob. It is often the sole reason behind the star rating I give a hotel on trip advisor. I had lots of space on my terrace, which also had two sun loungers and a table and chairs. In the past, I was always dubious about having a ground floor room. My terrace felt in no way overlooked. The promenade was hidden behind some trees, allowing me to have lots of privacy.

The views were incredible, in the space of 24 hours I was able to watch the sunrise, sunbathe and wave at Fuerteventura, enjoy the sunset and gaze at the stars. I’ll admit, I still love a high floor but the terrace with tropical flowers acting as a border was a great place to spend a few hours.

The Food

I am going to start by saying the food here is great and the seating arrangements in the restaurant are really well organised. The restaurant has time slots for meals to reduce the number of humans crowding around the food. This works really well. The tables closest to the food are reserved for guests with disabilities. There are also tables situated further away for those who struggle in louder, crowded places.

The food served on Christmas day went above and beyond, it’s worth visiting just to see the dessert table. I love how they separate foods onto separate tables, so the vegetarians can bypass the fish and meat. The food available on other days is just as good, with a wide selection of Canarian/ Mediterranean dishes. Breakfast was the same each day but had a range of things to choose from porridge to a fry up, which I was more than happy to rotate my way around the food.

The bad point was not caused by the staff in the restaurant, I cannot fault them at all, they were so friendly and helpful. However, the guests on the other hand had no thoughts for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. Mixing the spoons for the separate foods not only breeds disease but could potentially kill someone with an allergy. My photographer had at least three arguments with adults (no it wasn’t the children) about using a spoon covered in meat in a tray of vegetables. Sorry they are that strict of a vegetarian. The same goes for mixing fish and vegetable trays. I travelled with a human who has a seafood allergy, so we all had to be extra vigilant when they went to choose their food. I think this could be improved by making sure there are enough serving items available to avoid this from happening. Please don’t let this put you off visiting the hotel, I’m sure the staff would be more than happy to cater around any specific dietary restrictions.


The hotel has the usual amenities such as a two outdoor swimming pools with jets and a whirlpool, a nudist area (don’t worry its hidden in a secluded place), a sunbathing deck and a kids club. There are a lot of activities on offer, I enjoyed the poolside yoga and attempting to play table football (badly). There is also a spa/ health centre where you can get treatments. Numerous sports activities are available, such as kayaking, the gym, squash, and tennis courts.

I love this hotel as you can have an active holiday and get fit, or you can relax and enjoy the sunny weather. Staying in a premium room also came with the added perks of having access to the privilege lounge. This was open through the day and had a selection of free drinks and snacks. I loved having a quiet place to go and sit during the day, the chairs were so comfortable I could have happily had a siesta there.


The hotel is not central but for me it could not be in a better location. There is a Super Dino supermarket 250 up the road, and also a English supermarket which is more expensive but slightly closer. I enjoy the quiet and peaceful location where you can walk to various other places. The promenade is totally flat and could not be easier to walk along. There are numerous seats to stop at and enjoy the views of the ocean.

It is 1.3km (just under 1 mile) to the Marina Rubicon which has some great restaurants and shops. This route can be extended and you can walk all the way to the Ferry, which is a 3.6km (2.2 miles) walk along a flat path next to the coast. Halfway along this route is a lovely sheltered, white sand beach with a lifeguard, perfect for those who have children.

In the other direction is Playa Papagayo, a more challenging 3.2km (2 mile) walk which leads you out to the rugged natural beaches. There are absolutely no amenities there, only a car park. There are three beaches within decent walking distance, or one which is a bit more of a hike where you can see Arrecife on a clear day.

Renting a bicycle would be a great option for exploring a bit further afield as the promenade is all pedestrianised. The hotel also does a shuttle bus into the centre of Playa Blanca but I preferred the option of walking as it gives you more freedom to stop and start.


The hotel has a resident cat who will steal your sun lounger, chase you down the corridor for cuddles and act as your own personal guard dog. I am not a cat lover but moustache cat converted me. My photographer rescued the cat from some children who were pulling its tail. The cat then protected our room from a drunk human. Moustache cat was extremely intelligent and knew not to come into the room, instead choosing to be a cat loaf next to the door. Lanzarote has a lot of wild cats, I wont call them strays because they are looked after by members of the public. Moustache cat had a lovely personality and I did have to keep reminding my photographer that the cat could not be sneaked home in their suitcase.

An absolute fluffy joy, 10/10 would recommend you stop to give the cat some attention.


I can’t recommend this hotel enough, I have returned three times and my stay is always as good as the previous time. The hotel has everything you could need and more for a comfortable stay. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the majority have at least a partial sea view. If you can it is worth the upgrade for a full sea view, well in my opinion at least. The whole hotel is accessible for everyone, and though it is set out over several floors and buildings, you can get around via lifts and ramps. The staff are really friendly as is the resident cat, which makes for a great holiday. I even received a Christmas present from the hotel.

The best part is the weather, Lanzarote is nearly always warm and sunny making it the perfect year round holiday destination.

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  1. The views, food and location of this hotel look great for a relaxing warm seaside holiday. Never been to Lazarote, but is on my to do list. Sounds like you would recommend 🙂 Thanks for the interesting review. Have a great day, and feel free to check out any of my hotel reviews also


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