Laid back Lanzarote

I had initially planned to do quite a lot of exploring in Lanzarote. But, when I arrived in beautiful sunny weather, I quickly changed my mind. Instead, I chose to spend as much time as possible on the beach. My travel schedule has as much flexibility as possible because I never know what I will find when I arrive. The December weather was about 24 degrees, with blue skies and a slight breeze. I made my way past all the cacti in Arrecife Airport up to the bus station. It is a long, steady incline to walk up, but I always enjoy this after sitting on an airplane for nearly five hours.

My base for this trip was Playa Blanca, an area of Lanzarote I know well. I have visited three times, but Playa Blanca is so big I am yet to see the whole town. I haven’t walked further than the ferry port. Hiking to the volcanic crater Montana Roja is on my to-do list because the views look incredible. However, I felt slightly less adventurous, but we can blame the beautiful view from my terrace.

This trip had two main aims, eating and finding the perfect spot on the beach. When I arrived on Christmas eve, most places had early closing times or had shut to celebrate Christmas. I chose to head down to the Marina Rubicon to see what was happening. The local population was celebrating, providing a happy and relaxed atmosphere. It was nice to see families able to celebrate together after a few years of restrictions. I jumped into a restaurant overlooking the Marina to relax and soak up the atmosphere. Spending Christmas in the sunshine is something everyone should try and experience at least once. There are no stressful feelings, no crazy queues in the supermarket, or boring repeats on the television; only sun, sea, and Sangria.

After a late lunch, I decided to walk around the Marina. There is wildlife in abundance here. I enjoy trying to spot as many different animals as possible each time I visit. On this visit, I saw mini-sharks (two coloured fish), a heron, a crane, and numerous fish swimming around the Man in the Water statue. The heron and crane were fishing in the Arroyo las Aguilas which surprisingly had quite a lot of water. Sadly, I did not see either bird catch anything. My walk took me to the other end of the Marina, so I could see all of the boats (any excuse to see boats). I then headed up to the Marina Rubicon shopping centre because the Hiperdino supermarket is a great place to stock up on snacks. My photographer was sad to see a few shops had disappeared; it seems to have happened to make way for new and exciting developments. I noticed a new minigolf course near the shopping centre but it didn’t appear to be open yet. My photographer and I enjoy a game of minigolf when we travel (can you guess who is better?).

I spent much of the evening of Christmas eve wandering the promenade enjoying the Christmas decorations. It may not be festive, but I love how the Volcan Hotel lights up at night. The sunsets from the Torre del Águila or Castillo are sublime; I am yet to find anywhere on earth where the sunsets are more beautiful. I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to sit and watch the sky paint itself various shades of orange.

The stars were so bright and clear I cannot remember seeing so many the last time I was in Lanzarote. There is so little light pollution the stars are visible even though lights line the promenade. I sat on my terrace each evening watching the stars, there were a few visible constellations, but I do not know their names.

I spent most of Christmas day lying on a beach or two. My morning began on a quiet Playa del Pozo. The rugged second beach in Los Ajaches Protected Natural Park. But, when the nudies arrive, I feel uncomfortable near them because they all make a beeline for my photographer. When they all started to strip off, I decided to head back to the Playa Mujeres, a beautiful, white sand beach in the National Park area. The waves are a bit stronger here; beware if you aren’t a strong swimmer. I watched my photographer get soaked by three waves and caught it on camera. The beaches get busy in the early afternoon, so I like to visit earlier in the morning.

Feeling refreshed after two quiet days, I decided to go for a long walk to burn off some of the Christmas calories. I headed up to the main area of Playa Blanca, or as I like to call it, the tourist area. My photographer got soaked by a wave as we walked along the coastline. I noticed a spoon in the concrete whilst walking to a coffee shop. Several people were taking selfies with it, I don’t really understand why. I preferred to stop and see the beautiful coloured parrot who lives next to the beach.

I decided to wander through the streets and let myself get lost. It’s the best way to find new things. I managed to find a really hard minigolf course, and sadly, it wasn’t the most attractive. My photographer and I spent a couple of hours here but thought it could be so much more than it is currently. Sadly, a sandstorm was rolling in from the east, so I cut my adventure short and spent the remainder of the afternoon hiding in my hotel.

My final day was spent exploring the Los Ajaches Protected Natural Park. The sandstorms had left some interesting shapes in the sand dunes. I felt like I was on an alien planet.

The scariest part was finding a shark on the beach. I think he was washed up in the storm the night before. I left him to himself and instead went to find some lizards in the shrubbery.

Four days in Lanzarote was a great break but I am always sad to leave. I hope it isn’t another three years before I return.

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