Eating my way around Krakow

Krakow has so many great places to eat. Whilst planning my trip I managed to make a 3 page long list of restaurants and coffee shops I wanted to visit. I’m going to put it out there and say Krakow is top 3 on the best places to eat in Europe list (that may be my addiction to pierogi talking). I wasn’t going to write another post like this but sadly a few of the restaurants I visited on my last trip didn’t survive the pandemic. This was a shame as my favourite cake shop has also closed and I had planned to visit several times.

Being vegetarian or vegan isn’t a problem as many restaurants have several options and are always happy to amend a dish or two. I found traditional polish dishes are often vegetable based (if you ignore all of the goose and boar on the menus). Once again I had too many places to pick from and visited so many amazing restaurants. Here is an updated list of great places to eat.

Cafe Camelot

I fell in love with this restaurant in 2019 and was delighted to find it was still open. I know I shouldn’t have favourites but I think this will forever be my favourite place in Krakow. The 13th century building is a great place for lunch or dinner and is hidden along a quiet street away from the crowds in Rynek Glowny.

Once again I made my way through the tea menu unable to pick a favourite. The menu hasn’t changed and the food is still as great as always. The vegetable tart is still my favourite dish. As are the spinach and almond pierogi and the mushroom and cabbage (russian) pierogi.

The pink decor and flowers match perfectly with the small rickety tables. It’s like travelling back in time for lunch. I love reading the ancient letters on the walls (even though I couldn’t understand a word). Since my last visit, they have got a card machine so the cafe is no longer cash only.

Pierwszy Stopieǹ

According to TripAdvisor this is the third best restaurant in Krakow, beaten only by an Italian and a Japanese restaurant. This place has it all; ambience, great food and plants. I struck lucky the twice I visited, once managing to nab a table near the window, but if you go on a weekend, it’s probably best to book in advance. The menu is small but has everything you could want to eat. There are some really clever takes on English and Polish dishes, with several being vegan/vegetarian/gluten free. I spent a lot longer than I care to admit trying to decide what to eat, that happened both times I visited.

The drinks look to nice to drink. I tried the mint lemonade, strawberry aloe lemonade and the most delicious currant ice coffee which was infused with rose water and cardamom. I absolutely love the middle eastern flavours which elevate foods to another level.

The food was presented beautifully and even had extra flowers for me to eat. I tried three dishes and enjoyed all immensely. Non-meat balls filled with lentil and millet, covered in eggplant and tomato sauce, kale chips and pan fried garlic mushrooms. Grilled goats cheese salad with marinated beetroot, pear jam, arugula, walnuts, pomegranate and bread. The third dish was breaded oyster mushrooms in tempura batter, a baked sweet potato with herbal salsa and garlic, green peas and mint sauce and salad. I couldn’t fault anything at all.

Mięta RestoBar

I found this restaurant when looking for another one. It is popular with locals so I thought I would try it. The menu is extensive and even has a vegan breakfast option. I visited on an evening when the dumplings had sold out. Instead opting for a beetroot pasta dish. Not very exciting but it was very delicious. I had an apple cake as well which was like eating lots of tiny apple and cinnamon sandwiches.

I loved the outdoor seating with fairy lights, so fresco dining is something I don’t do enough. The only downside was the roadworks going on in the street next to the restaurant.

Four restaurant

I’ve already mentioned this restaurant in my Hotel Review. Normally I avoid hotel restaurants as they are either overpriced or overrated. Four is neither of these. A clever combination of European favourites and Polish flavours help creat delicious dishes. I enjoyed the stylish pierogi and ravioli as they combined two of my favourite types of food. The vegetarian options were well thought through and inventive.

Ravioli stuffed with spinach, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, sage sauce
Pierogi (dumplings) stuffed with boletus, ricotta cheese, white wine sauce

Cytat cafe

The Jewish quarter has so many great coffee stops. There are almost too many to choose from. My photographer has two favourite things, other than me can you believe, reading and coffee. When researching cafes I added this to the list with no idea whether I would find it. I’m so glad I did, it was the perfect to spend an hour relaxing with my coffee whilst planning where I would explore next.

I’m not one for visiting all of the Instagram spots to photograph my coffee. I can think a certain photographer who does though. This is worth it and I have a strange piece of advice for anyone who wants to visit. Use the toilet especially if you like star wars or Harry potter.

In five days I nearly made a don’t in my restaurant list because I went to a restaurant more than once. I’m not sure I will ever manage to eat at all the restaurants on my list. But I have found 11 incredible eateries so far.

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