Eating in Poland: A veggiesaurus’ guide

The internet had shown me that there is a range of delicious food in Poland which was all filled with meat. I won’t lie, it had me worried but I have recently converted back to vegetarianism from being vegan. So I thought it would give me one or two restaurants to choose from.

Little did I know, I would struggle to choose where to eat because of the sheer amount of veggiesaurus friendly choices. Out of many amazing restaurants in Krakow, here is my pick of the best veggie friendly eats in the city.

Cupcake Corner Cafe

I had heard rumours of a cafe which had a range of incredible cupcakes. As usual I was skeptical about finding the place at all, since Krakow is huge. Leaving the castle and wandering along Grodzka Street past two very old churches, there it was sitting on the street corner.

Cafe Camelot

Hidden on an obscure corner in the shadows of Krakow’s main square lies a unique hidden gem. The 13th century building is steeped in history and the cellars have seen many different roles over the years. Made up of three rooms, the decor is vintage and enchanting, I loved seeing the 16th century letters hanging on the walls.

Small rickety tables are dotted around haphazardly and there is often a wait to be seated. The menu is extensive,with everything for pierogi to salads. The freshly brewed teas are inventive and delicious. I love how fresh fruit and veggies are utilised in so many ways.

I made my way through the tea menu, which was deliciously thought out. Personally I thought the mint raspberry tea was the best, though they were all good. The food was also amazing, I was lucky enough to find another place which had many vegetarian options, meaning for once I struggled to choose what to eat. The panini’s were very tasty, albeit very different from what I’m used to in the UK. The roasted vegetable tart was delicious. It was so good I returned to eat it for a second time, where it tasted even better!

A great place to while away an afternoon hidden from the crowds with cheap prices and a delicious menu. Only downside is the restaurant is cash only.

Cafe Botanica

Another hidden gem located close to the main square. I stumbled upon this by accident whilst lost and hungry. The decor of this cafe is floral and earthy, which I loved, I sat in the orangerie at the back.

My quest to find reasonably priced lunch reached a new level in this cafe. A large cappuccino and an Italian Vega flatbread set me back 19.5 pln or £3.92. The cappuccino was larger than most other cafes I visited and cost less than £2. If you are on a budget, this is a great spot to have lunch.

Andromeda Alpha

I have already spoken about this restaurant in my hotel review. It’s not often I go in hotel restaurants, unless I am staying half or full board. But I am glad I tried this restaurant. Not only was the menu huge, most meals came with a vegan or vegetarian alternative. The waiters kindly brought homemade bread and free appetizers of smoked fish. It looked delicious but I am not a fish eater so cannot comment on the taste. The restaurant is small which I like because it shows everything is well prepared and not microwaved. The risotto was well made and covered in veggies, the salad was also imaginative and delicious. I wasn’t expecting much but the restaurant was really cheap and served amazing food. Slightly further out from the city centre, but worth a visit if you are in the Podgórze area of Krakow.

Starka Restauracja

Hidden in Kazimierz, around the corner from that famous staircase in Schindler’s List, lies the best restaurant I have ever been to. It took me two attempts to get a table here, so it is definitely worth booking in advance. The décor is amazing, I love the pencil drawings covering the walls. The restaurants bring appetisers for free, which in this restaurant was homemade bread.

The main course was a work of art. I had the camembert which was innovative and delicious. Other members of my table had the stuffed chicken and beef roulades, which were equally as well presented and tasty.

I tried some of the famous pierogi (polish dumplings) they were very tasty. In the future I am definitely looking to eat more dumplings.

The homemade walnut cake was delicious (and slightly alcoholic). The perfect way to end a meal. The waitress brought berry vodka shots with the bill. It was the best (and only) vodka I have tried. But, it did leave me with a slightly drunk photographer.

Introligatornia Smaku

This is another restaurant located of Jozefa street, a few doors down from Starka. I only went in as I couldn’t get into my first choice of restaurant. I was not disappointed. It is another small run business owned by a chef trained in Paris.

The food was divine, accompanied by a free appertiser of pate (which I didn’t eat). The vegetarian platter was very inventive. Filled with simple dishes such as ratatouille and pearl barley, all cooked to a very high standard. I had to wait a bit longer for the meal but I don’t mind as it was cooked to perfection. Another reasonably priced restaurant shouldn’t be second choice for anyone, it is just as good as the neighbouring Starka Restaurant.

Krakow is one of the best places I have ever visited for eating, the standard of every restaurant was incredibly high, waiting staff very helpful and surprisingly cheap prices. The food was so good, each time I went in a restaurant I doubted it could get any better. Sadly, I hadn’t enough time to try the vegetarian restaurant. Although, it is a great reason for me to return to Krakow in the future. I was surprised and impressed by this city in so many different ways, it’s definitely a friendly and accessible city for everyone to enjoy.

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