Hungry in Hawes

Motorbikes head for Hawes as the roads leading to the town are similar to a rollercoaster. Its a thrilling ride but I was excited to get my feet back on the ground.

Travelling through Yorkshire is hungry work and I had heard rumours of a great veggiesaurus café in the village. There is a creamery but I don’t really love cheese or dairy, so I was off to hunt down something way better. As I was so hungry I headed straight past all of the sites of the ancient village. Though it did look very similar to every other Yorkshire village I had passed through, with cute stone houses and a river. Hawes has been in the same place since 1307 so I wasn’t worried about missing anything which has probably been there for 500 years anyway.

Café Curva is situated on the main street through the village, hidden behind the many motorbikes which were parked up on the street. My only moan is the café has not got many seats but it is worth the wait. I nearly left due to a hangry photographer, I stood for about 20 minutes prior to a table becoming available.

I’m not really sure where to start to talk about the food. However, I had a great coffee whilst I read through the menu. A menu with so many veggie-friendly options, I struggled to choose. Finally deciding on mushrooms on toast. Everything from the salad to the last crumb of bread was delicious. My photographer had Indian style bhajis which were also delicious (I can’t remember what they were called). I was so full from eating my lunch and half of my photographers but I could not resist a slice of homemade carrot cake. Safe to say I had to have a sleep after all of the food but it was 100% worth it. The café was reasonably priced as well, a great stop if you are on a budget.

After all of the food, I decided to try and walk off some of my lunch. There is a waterfall just outside of Hawes but due to the rain I decided against going. Instead I wandered around the market place searching for treasure in the many antique shops. Shopping isn’t my thing but the village is really photogenic and I enjoyed just wandering around. Especially seeing the river and mini-waterfall flowing through the houses.

There wasn’t anything more I really wanted to see in Hawes and the dark rainclouds were descending once again. So I headed back to the car to travel along the windy country roads back to Middleham.

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