A Wicked visit to the theatre.

Green, my favourite colour. And, also the theme of my favourite musical.


After hearing the hype about the show, especially from Broadway and the West End, I was skeptical about how much I would enjoy it. Skepticism aside, I jumped into my photographers (green) handbag. Excited for my first visit to the theatre, I was not disappointed. Even though we were in the apparently obstructed view seats I had a great view of the stage (and a seat close to the ice cream vendor).

A witty story of how the underdog came to be. Although Elphaba (The Wicked witch of the west) believes she clashes with everything, she is a perfect match to the wickedly witty jokes the run throughout the show.

My photographer isn’t a huge fan of musicals and I can honestly say the same. But, I wasn’t going to give up an opportunity to see someone sing Defying Gravity live. YouTube is great, but nothing prepares you for hearing it live. This blue dinosaur had goosebumps.

The only thing missing was the infamous line “I’m melting!” but I guess they can’t steal too many things from the Wizard of Oz.

I had a great first trip to the Sunderland Empire, I can’t wait to go and watch another show there in the future!

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Everyone deserves the chance to fly – Elphaba, Wicked.

3 thoughts on “A Wicked visit to the theatre.

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  1. I have loved Wicked since August 2006- as the show says “I have been changed for good” because of Wicked. It sparked my love for musicals. It was where the concept of emotional connection began. It was I began to understand the complex and emotional side of musicals. Elphaba is my all-time favorite musical character.


    1. Before watching I was worried it was over hyped, but it wasn’t. I can see why you love the musical 😆🦖


      1. It basically has everything I want in a musical- spectacle, dance, complexity, comedy, romance, positive and negative emotions in the score, and a strong emotional connection.

        It is my favorite musical- well, another musical is tied with it right now

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