A Floral Feature

Readjusting to life in lock down has been a shock to the system for humans and dinosaurs alike. The first anxiety which hit me was the thought that I could no longer call myself an adventursaurus. I’m used to travelling the world and staying home scared me. Though, I previously did a big camping trip through the garden (you can read about it here!). Finding something to amuse me was harder than I anticipated but I am lucky enough to be isolating with unimpressed rhino who simply loves gardening.

Skeptical as always I decided to join in (mainly for the sunbathing). I found it to be most relaxing and tasty (don’t tell my photographer I ate some of the flowers!). Two good things came of my experience; I was inspired to create my own cactus garden in a bowl and I was given the opportunity to feature in the ever popular Pets Mews.

If someone had told me on day one that I would be featuring on someone else’s blog I would never have believed them! 2 weeks into social isolation I seem to be enjoying the slower pace of life more. My new terrarium has found a nice place to live on the big table next to the window. Unimpressed rhino helped me to move the big square box that is filled with sad news. I’d rather watch my cacti flower and grow any day!

A floral feature in a flower themed issue will cheer everyone up; it’s written in both English and Russian if you want to read it, Issue 43 is here.

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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