Beautiful Bluewaters

As I was able to see the Ain Dubai from my hotel balcony, it was an easy decision where I was going first. Jet lag seems to affect me most when I am travelling west; Kuala Lumpur to Dubai was a killer because I ended up having a 28 hour day. Instead of lazing around in bed I decided to be proactive and ignore my jet lag (sleepy dinosaurs aren’t the friendliest).

After being in Kuala Lumpur, I couldn’t wait to go out into the cooler sunshine (humidity and me don’t work well together). 27 degrees is perfect beach weather, so I headed down to JBR to find it relatively quiet for a Thursday. Enjoying stretching my legs after the long 8 hour flight, I chose to continue my walk over to Bluewaters Island.

The island is man made and has a rather famous development in the centre, Ain Dubai. I was really hoping it would be finished for my visit because I can imagine the views of the city will be incredible. Instead I had a wander around the shops and waved over to the skyscrapers.

Giving in to my hunger and wanting to just enjoy the view of JBR, I dove in The Coffee Club. I was very happy to sit in the Arabian sunshine and watch the boats floating around JBR. The signature iced coffee was delicious whilst I scoured the menu, trying to make a decision of what to eat. I finally decided on a chia pudding with mixed berries. The vegan options on the menu all sounded so good I would have happily tried them all. Breakfast at 3pm has never tasted so good.

Refreshed and full of energy I paid the bill and set off back towards the Marina. I really enjoyed visiting this man made waterway last year and was excited to return to see how much it had changed. Dubai is a builders playground and I couldn’t believe how many new buildings had appeared. It was getting dark as I was wandering about and the city began glittering beautifully. I love how safe dubai is, wandering around at night gave me no anxiety at all. So much so that I decided to go back across to the Bluewaters Island.

It was such a clear evening that I could see the Burj Khalifa all lit up beautifully.

The island is lit up with blue flower like structures that reflect beautifully on the water. The city lights were a beautiful end to a great beginning in one of my favourite cities, but the jet lag was really kicking in and it was time to head back to the hotel.

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