A day in the life of an Adventursaurus

Wake up in the morning, wait I’m in which city?

Throw on my backpack I’m out the door gonna explore the city

Before I leave fill my bag with snacks and my map

Cos when I leave for the day, don’t know when I’ll be back.

Ok, I’ll stop with the Ke$ha parody now (guess we’ll all be singing Tiktok for weeks hehe). Recently, I’ve had a few people ask me what I get up to when I’m not travelling. I’m happy to report that my life isn’t all long flights and posing for photographs, occasionally I do some hard work (like once a year). Most of the time I supervise my photographer to make sure they do lots of work, which I’m happy to report they do. I sometimes even go to work with my photographer to help promote a healthy lifestyle and remind humans that a long term condition is not in charge of them, they are in charge of their condition. However, I am not going to go into that here, these days every human on the internet is a health expert and even I get sick or reading about what I should eat. Here are some of the less documented daily activities I get up to in between my adventures.


I normally keep my exercise regime secret because I don’t want to become a fitness influencer. Honestly, I hate exercising, but I do it so I can eat. Every morning, with the help of my exercise instructor, I do a grueling hour of hard work. I like to mix it up and do a combination of weight training and cardio. I like the step machine the best.


Every day I like to spend some time in the garden, making sure it is tidy and the flowers are happy. My latest project has been an indoor cactus terrarium which I can enjoy whilst the cold winter passes. It took me a while to find the plants and put them in a nice arrangement. But now I can enjoy watching them grow and hopefully see my stone plant (lithops) flower over the cooler months.

My most recent success in the garden was growing a 6 foot tall beanstalk which turned into a beautiful sunflower. The bees loved it and I found it very exciting to climb! I am hoping to plant more bee friendly flowers because there are not many bees coming to visit my garden at present.


Every Tuesday, not only do I post a new adventure on my blog, it is also the day I go food shopping. My photographer works very long hours so I try to help as much as my short dinosaur arms will allow. Marks & Spencer have perfect dinosaur sized shopping trolleys, which means I no longer have to use plastic bags. I like to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to make sure I stay healthy for all of my travels.

Fortunately, I don’t have to do any of the cooking, I really dodged the hard work there! Yesterday I got a free pumpkin from the supermarket. Is there anything better than free food? I carved the pumpkin into a scary ghost scene for Halloween and made pumpkin soup with the bits I cut out. A tasty and successful afternoon.


I spend some of my evenings doing the ironing. It has to be my least favourite activity on the planet, even worse than having to go into the handbag of doom. I try to iron regularly but it often builds up because I go on so many adventures. Does anyone have any tips to make ironing disappear? I let my photographer try it once, but I ended up with a hole in my jumper!

Sometimes I’m nice and do the ironing for my friends too …

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I do in my daily life. I just wanted to remind everyone that the life of a travel blogger isn’t always as glamorous as it is made out to be. I also spend quite a lot of time searching for dinosaur friendly destinations which are accessible for everyone. I’m hoping to visit two before the end of the year, stay tuned to find out where I go!

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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