An Italian Adventure – Ravishing Ravello

Before I even got off the short bus ride from Amalfi to Ravello, I knew it would quickly become one of my favourite towns in Europe. Perched like an eagles nest, watching over Amalfi and the other gems of the Neapolitan Riviera. Even in the rain, Ravello oozes vintage glamour, I can see why this town is a favourite of celebs and with the Late, Great Greta Garbo. Oozing a peaceful and relaxed vibe, you can really feel the presence of the mountains, whilst wandering through the terraces, often leading to glimpses of the vertigo-inducing drop 350 metres down to the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Anywhere which is traffic free is a firm favourite in my eyes, so I can wander about at my own slow pace without fear of being squashed by a car. The small, sleepy cobbled lanes were filled with ancient architecture and pastel coloured stuccos around each corner. Most streets go around in a circle and come back to the main piazza, so there is little chance of getting lost.

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I did struggle a bit whilst attempting to explore Ravello. Solely because of the steep sloping streets and hundreds of steps (everywhere). Any adventursauruses who struggle with walking, steps or need to use a walking aide with wheels, maybe give this beautiful town a miss or stay a few days to have the time to fully explore at your own pace. Only having one day in the town meant I had to make the most of my little dinosaur legs and explore as much as possible.

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Sadly the weather was not on my side and rather moody clouds kept soaking me with huge thundery downpours. For once I actually went in the handbag of doom to hide!  Moody skies, low clouds and towering mountain sides created some spectacular views. Breathtaking views around every corner, up to Scala and down to the seaside.  Don’t expect to rush around, most of the time will be spent looking down the camera lens.

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I didn’t visit any of the famous Villa’s in Ravello solely because I ran out of time.  You can see most of Villa Rufolo by wandering through the medieval lanes surrounding it. Maybe if I return I will visit as the view of roman relics really intrigued me.

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Villa Cimbrone’s Terrace of Infinity, is also on my list of places to  visit if I ever return. I believe it would be an incredible place to view the sunset.  Although my favourite view whilst in Ravello was seen immediately after leaving the bus at the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium. I could see a really long way (even though it was cloudy) and I managed to spot my hotel, Petra Di Luna.

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Vescovado Square and mosaic layers of centuries old stonework in the town’s precious 11th-Century cathedral (which charges an entry fee).  There is an abundance of cafes around here, to enjoy the views and people watch.  I didn’t stay here, every time I posed for a photograph a kitty tried to pounce on me.

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Tree lined streets led away from the square, leading to the main street passing through the town.  But, I chose to retrace my steps through the town, to the bus stop.  Vintage Italian charm, ancient archaeology and plenty of greenery provided

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Even though I was only in Ravello for one day, I can safely say it captivated my soul, reminded me of my love for travelling and filled my heart with a passion to inspire others. If I ever find myself struggling or need to remind myself why I travel, I will definitely revisit Ravello.

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Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. -Gustav Flaubert

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