Eating in Lanzarote

I tried lots of restaurants so other veggiesaurus’ don’t have to. There are lots of great restaurants and cafes around Lanzarote, but sadly a couple of my favourites did not make it through the pandemic. These eateries are all in Playa Blanca as it was the place where I stayed in my latest trip because I didn’t have enough time to visit any other places.

Vino Blanco

Situated on the Papagayo side of the Marina Rubicon is Vino Blanco, an unassuming restaurant overlooking the water. I only visited because my first choice restaurant had closed down. The tables are right on the waters edge and there are some in a shady area around the side of the building. I wasn’t feeling very adventurous when looking through the menu because I had initially planned to go and eat pizza. The vegetarian pizza was delicious and was overloaded with toppings (you can never have too many veggies).

Now for the downside, the service was incredibly slow, but I didn’t mind because I was enjoying the view. However, a few tables of humans were rather mad about this and left after 10 minutes of waiting for a menu. It is a little bit more expensive for drinks but I think you are paying for the location.

Natur cakes and cocktails.

This café is really beautiful but sadly, it in a small corner of the Marina Rubicon. My photographer found this very Instagram friendly place purely by accident.

I loved the purple flowery décor and white walls make for a gorgeous backdrop. The coffee is lovely and I loved the presentation of the tea in a glass teapot. The cakes and food looked delicious but I didn’t have any. Cocktails were also like works of art but for some reason my photographer won’t allow me to have alcohol. Its a great little spot to hide away from the sunshine and crowds on an afternoon.


A must-visit when you are in Playa Blanca. My photographer and I happily worked our way through the vegetarian menu and it was delicious. The main menu changes throughout the year but the Buddha bowls are a part of the year-round menu. Buddha bowls were a great lunchtime meal with some inventive combinations.

I also tried the whole mocktail menu, it is really rare to find mocktails in Europe. The pina colada was my photographer’s favourite and Mojito was mine (because it was bigger than me!). The cocktail tree was a work of art (I didn’t have one but loved seeing them).

The vegan burger was so good I almost forgot it was made from plants, and the chips were great but I always think chips taste better when they are wrapped in newspaper. The vegetarian lasagne was filled to the brim with flavour and paired perfectly with the Canarian potatoes with red and green mojo salsa.

The décor was animal themed and really well designed. I visited twice and spotted new things, the giraffes and leopard painting were my favourite. One must do when visiting is visiting the bathroom (for once its not too much info!) the doors are cleverly designed and keep with the theme of the restaurant.

Meson La Taberna

I always visit this no frills tapas restaurant in Playa Blanca because I love to sit and watch the boats whilst eating. The cappuccinos are delicious, I think it is the combination of cream and cinnamon (a combination I haven’t seen anywhere else).

The vegetarian sandwich comes loaded with veggies. The dishes are small but I think they are bigger than some other restaurants. The patatas bravas are nice and spicy. The potatoes in garlic sauce compliment these well, I may have ate most of the plate and was super garlicky for the rest of the day. The fish is fresh and delicious but I didn’t try any. There were lots of other veggie options but I didn’t manage to make m way through the whole menu.

Care Terreza

The best spot for coffee and cake in Lanzarote. Though if you want the best choices of cake, visit early. When the cake is gone, the cake is gone (until a new one is made the next day). If that wasn’t enough to tempt you to go, you can have champagne and cake (with a view of the marina to feel extra posh!


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  1. I always wanted to challenge myself to see how long I could live off patatas bravas and wine alone! 😂


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