Festival of Light, Sunderland

I love the autumnal festivals and nice fresh crisp days. The autumn weather has been really mild this year so I couldn’t wait to go and see the new installations in Roker Park. The Festival of Light is there between 13th October-12th November 2022. Each year has a theme and this year was dinosaurs! An opportunity to recreate Jurassic Park, is an opportunity I’d never say no to.

Through the day the park is free to walk through but on a night you need tickets. My photographer isn’t great with crowds so we chose to visit during the day. The park is open during the day, the only downside is the lights aren’t switched on.

I headed into the park from the beach and soon found my way to a couple of huge chickens who were sparkling in the sunshine. The local primary school children had made some fairytale scenes but sadly they had blown over in the wind.

Passing the tiny train which the humans sometimes ride, I headed across to the other side of the park. The animal sculptures were incredible and some were very life like. My photographer loved the elephants and zebras as you could fully enjoy them without having to wait until dark.

My favourite was the monkey because it looked so like my photographer. I did get a bit confused at first and I thought I was seeing double. The animal statues were all incredible but unfortunately I didn’t manage to see them in the dark when they were all lit up.

I was surprised to see a huge squirrel amongst the autumn leaves, it was a welcome break from all of the Christmas decorations. It still seems a bit too early for Christmas in my eyes. Rocker park is beautiful when all of the colourful leaves appear.

The final part of the park I visited was the best. Jurassic Park. Neither my photographer or I knew there would be dinosaurs. Every dinosaur should recreate a scene from Jurassic Park at least once. My personal favourite is the must go faster scene, mainly because there is a t-rex. I’m so glad I managed to do this and they had the perfect car.

After a lot of fun with the dinosaurs, I decided it was time for lunch. The Salt House Kitchen is a great spot for lunch. It does great vegan food and the coffee is incredible. I had the most delicious honey-glazed beetroot, hummus and sun dried tomato toasted ciabatta with sweet potato fries.

My great day ended with a walk along the beach in the sunshine. It was almost warm enough to go plodging. Can you believe it’s was warm enough to do that in November, in northern europe?

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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