Wonderful Whitby

I decided spending summer in the UK wouldn’t be right if I didn’t go to the beach at least once. So one August morning my photographer and I set out in an adventure. Taking us over motorways, the moors and some massive hills. I love how the UK is one of the few places where you can pass through 4 types of weather in the space of an hour. Whilst enjoying the view from the window, I provided the car entertainment as the radio wasn’t working. My version of “I do like to be beside the seaside” passed the time nicely … My photographer disagrees.

Choosing to park in the town centre was both a brilliant and terrible idea. Blue badge holders still have to pay, but the area is right next to the harbour and is really flat. There is also a Park and ride bus which is slightly cheaper but you are limited to bus times.

Starting in the town centre, near the harbour, I realised I had time to kill before my booking slot time (I’ll reveal what it was for next week!). To get a better view of the town I walked along the river towards the pier. The weather was glorious which meant the town was bustling with a few holidaying humans. The majority of the crowd was made up of giant seagulls.

My favourite part was watching the crabs running about on the rocks below. Though I think they were a bit angry that people were catching them in nets and then throwing the poor crabs back into the sea. I wasn’t scared walking along the pier, even though it was wooden and rickety in places. The sea was calm and sparkling below, almost like being in a warm country. Sadly, all of the seats were taken. So I had to stand and watch the boats coming in and out of the harbour. I even spotted a pirate ship!

It was so hot in the sunshine I decided to go for a coffee in Hetty and Betty. They do a great coffee and cake deal. I was pleased to find a place where I could go to sit and hide from the crowds of humans.

As I still had a while before I needed to be at my booking. So I chose to wander around a few of the shops. There are some great independent shops and artists in Whitby. Though shopping isn’t my favourite activity so I jumped in the handbag of doom for a snooze.

Power snooze over, I woke up just in time for lunch! Being a herbivore, I didn’t want to go for fish and chips. So instead I chose to visit Monks head café which has some great vegan/ veggiesaurus options. They also do one of the best coffees in Yorkshire. I also really loved the seagull décor.

After I had finished my coffee, I realised it was 12:30pm. Paying quickly I set off to my next destination.

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