Dawson’s plantation

I’ve been taking my photographer out for a walk somewhere new at least once a week. Nothing is better than fresh air and the scent of bluebells floating around. Since I commented on the bluebells at Houghall being sad due to the lack of rain in England. It has not stopped raining, finally English summertime is here. Secretly, I have been really happy about the rain because the flowers were thirsty and it has made a great excuse to wear my wellies again!

The area for this walk used to be a quarry but now has been reclaimed by nature. I can’t believe after all of the times I have visited Penshaw Monument I never realised Dawson’s Plantation was there. Shows how much notice I take of the signs surrounding familiar places. Finally, I chose to be brave and take a new route.

Firstly, I headed down a hill away from the track. I say hill but I think it was more similar to a cliff. With absolutely no idea where the path would take me. The trees were huge and old, I like to imagine what they have seen over the years. They have a great view of the North East Coast, Cheviot Hills and Durham. I love how the trees join together creating a small archway to walk through. It will look incredible in the Autumn too!

During the rain I have been reading a new book. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. A little known fact is the Jaberwocky (or inspiration behind it) originated from this area. The Lambton Worm is the reason that Penshaw Hill has 3 big ridges, it also has a song about it. I won’t sing it since I haven’t managed to master a makem (Sunderland) accent yet. Instead I’ve linked it below for anyone who wants to have an ear worm for the next few days.

Back to Dawson’s Plantation, as it is an area of ancient woodland seldom visited by humans or dinosaurs, it is a great place to see bluebells! For those who haven’t realised yet, bluebells are my favourite flowers and I talk about them a lot. Sorry not sorry. My last venture to find some blue flowers was not as successful as I had hoped but Houghall is a lot more popular for people to visit.

The bluebells were a deep blue almost sneaking into a purple hue amidst the trees. 100 times better than what I have seen before. English rain definitely works magic! I love the fields of blue because I can hide, then scare my photographer as they walk past.

As I was walking around, I found a very exciting tree. It had a small ladder going up one side, I think it is for the magical creatures but my photographer seemed to think it was for a fungi.

The paths became smaller and less trodden as I ventured further into the woods. Remnants of old fire pits were appearing as were some rather large muddy puddles. Although I would have loved to jump in them, I didn’t want to disturb the plants. So I retraced my steps to find a new path up the hill towards Penshaw Monument.

Of course while I was in the woods getting covered in mud, Penshaw Monument was basking in the June sunshine. After sneaking through a few gates I headed to a patch of wild primroses to warm my blue toes in the sunshine.

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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