A wintery walk

I’ve had a quiet few weeks because the UK isn’t allowed to go anywhere except on essential journeys. Sadly, adventures are not essential but at least this rule helps to keep the humans safe. My photographer has finally had a few days off work just over 7 months after the last one, and spent 3 days in bed recovering from the COVID-19 vaccine (don’t worry, it was just tiredness). Not only do I think Boris should give all healthcare staff a week off work, I think he should pay for them to go somewhere sunny (then I can jump in my photographer’s bag and go too!). The final day of my photographers time off work, I decided that we should go for a walk in the beautiful January weather.

We’ve had some snow, which is very rare in England these days. With the help of female human I’ve made myself a new scarf and another jumper. Though I didn’t wear them for this adventure because I wanted to match my outfit to my red wellies.

England’s restrictions mean a walk is only allowed if it is close to home and I am very lucky to live within reasonable hiking distance of the countryside. I thought this wouldn’t take long but hadn’t factored in all of the ice which had appeared over night. Wellies are very fashionable but in no way are they good for walking in the ice so I chose to sit in the bag of doom until I arrived (at least it was warm).

We arrived into a frozen wonderland, which if I’m right is one of the entrances to Narnia. It wasn’t cold enough for the horses, they were happily running about in the fields. I love how the sun has reappeared and makes the world look like it is sunset at all times. The walk was wonderfully quiet and took me nearly an hour because of the 3 inches of snow and the numerous stops my photographer took to take photographs.

I tried making a snow dinosaur but it is a lot harder than it looks! At least my second attempt looked a bit better (I may have had some help).

My next snowy activity was ice skating, or so I had planned. I couldn’t find the lake, turns out I walked across it without realising. The snow is really good at hiding things. Luckily, I didn’t fall in the lake, nor did my photographer. I found some strange looking footprints which I decided to follow. Turns out a group of bunnies were enjoying jumping in the snow.

With the sky looking suspiciously full of snow, I chose to head back the way I came and warm up my frozen toes. Though it turned out to be a false alarm and the crispy wintery sunshine reappeared. So I spent the rest of my afternoon building a snow dinosaur who sadly didn’t stay in the garden for very long.

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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