Roaming along the Riverside

Whilst staying on the farm I went for a walk and in true dinosaur style, I got lost. Initially thinking I could hike up Cat Bells pretty quickly and easily. I headed towards the nearest hill without consulting my map first. When will I learn. Although in three short years of being an adventursaurus I’ve found each time I lose myself, I find something beautiful.

The beautiful find this adventure, was not one, not two but THREE things. Stay tuned to find out what they were. Gill Brow Farm has a dirt track hidden at the side of the property. This leads down through the middle of two big fields towards a bridge. This track is mainly for the use of the resident tractor and a few avid hikers aiming to reach the top of the several surrounding peaks.

Having no where to go and no need to rush is my favourite way to travel. I think that is why I have enjoyed the Lake District so much. The distinct lack of humans was a welcome experience after the busy streets of Keswick. Instead I had a bunny, a sheep and a rather happy calf for company.

September sunshine proved to be a lot warmer than I anticipated. I had forgotten my sun tan lotion and didn’t want to become a roast dinosaur so I tried to stay in the shade. Easier said than done since I wanted to dip my toes into the stream. The sun was glistening beautifully on the water (the photos don’t do it justice). I wish I had found this place earlier, I would have happily spent an afternoon here.

Unsure how much further I would be walking, I made the sad decision to leave this idyllic spot. Heading through the trees towards a quiet road. The perfect spot for a Instagram post.

But, I will let you all into a little secret. I don’t always walk when I am on an adventure. I find it hard to go up hills. My little arms cause me to often fall over. So here is my favourite spot to be in when I’m not wandering myself! I find it often has the best views!

Anyways, I made it to Littletown which is in fact a little town. The area has three farms, a couple of houses and a very cute, old church/school. As there wasn’t much to see I continued walking up a very steep hill, going past many fields. At the top of the hill, I made a few new friends. The cows were very friendly and one even tried to lick me (I politely declined due to the current COVID-19 situation).

As the afternoon was drawing on, I made my way back to the farm to pack up my backpack and head home. I’m not sure when my next adventure will be but for now I am excited to see the autumn leaves.

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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