Beautiful Buttermere – or so I thought

An early arrival in the Lake District meant I was too early to check in to my accommodation. Looking at the map I discovered that Buttermere, on of the Lake District’s most beautiful lakes was within a really short drive along a rather windy road. I saw no humans on my drive to the lake, sadly I couldn’t see the lake either. Making me dubious to see if we were in fact going the right way.

15 minutes later I began my descent into Buttermere. Numerous cars had parked along the road into the village, making it hard to drive. In hindsight, I wish I had parked there. Heading into the village, I was directed to a vastly overfilled car park. I’ve never seen so many humans in one place, never mind the fact social distancing is still super important. The car park was not only busy and technically park of the campsite, they also charge humans with a disabled badge. Wheelchair users beware the spaces are barely big enough for a car nevermind if you need to get a walking aid to a human. (rant over). £3.50 for 2 hours parking had me anxious to get around everything without having to pay more money.

The stress had made me really hungry (though I’m always rather hungry). As it was Sunday I decided to treat myself to a Sunday lunch since it isn’t something I’d normally eat. The pub with the shortest queue was the Bridge Hotel and I’m so glad I chose to eat there. I was pleased to see that I would be sitting inside on my own, the closest table of humans was around a corner. Ordering the vegetarian option I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the plate I received.

The Bridge Hotel served me one of the best nut roasts I have ever eaten. Not only was it nutty, herby and garlicky. It came with lots of veggies and VEGETARIAN GRAVY. This is only the second time I’ve been in a restaurant who haven’t fallen at the gravy hurdle, many restaurants still serve animal gravy to veggies.

After eating I rolled out of the pub and decided to walk to the lake. I decided to ask a human for directions to the lake. Rookie mistake! I didn’t specify which lake and just went in the direction I was told. It was a lovely walk along a small stream through some Pete bogs.

I ended up in a small area of trees which led to a small pebble beach. Beautiful calm waters surrounded by imposing mountains surrounded me. Calm and peaceful. I’ve missed these moments with being unable to travel recently. The lack of humans meant I could spend my short time by the lake doing one of my favourite things. Throwing stones into the water.

Some more humans arrived and commented on how beautiful Crummock Water was and that it is a great place to relax after walking around Buttermere. Just as the stones sink when they go in the water. The penny dropped in my furry blue brain.

I was at the wrong lake. That was why it looked so different from all of the pictures I had seen whilst researching.

Sadly my car parking was running out so I had to head back to my car. I really enjoyed my time at Crummock Lake. Hopefully, next time I try to visit a lake I hope I go to the right one!

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