Dreaming of Druridge Bay

I had a delightful day of druridge bay and quite honestly have been dreaming of returning ever since. But, you will already know that because it’s featured in two blogs so far … Welcome to the third.

Surprisingly, druridge bay is more than just a beach. It is also home to a country park and nature reserve. I chose to stay away from the nature reserve because some of the less confident animals are scared of dinosaurs.

The country park is around ladyburn lake. It is a 1.5 mile route around the lake itself and is a relatively flat and easy route. It’s a great place for everyone to walk, it’s even suitable for those in wheelchairs or with walking aides. My only hate about the place is the lack of disabled car parking spaces and the fact humans with a blue badge still have to pay for parking.

Anyway, back to the lake. I found a path next to the waters edge, avoiding the crowd of humans at the children’s playground. I learned the way to the water after walking through a compass.

This led me to a quiet area at the bottom edge of the lake, where lots of swans and their babies were enjoying the sunshine. I love seeing animals enjoying themselves, though I did get a bit scared when the swans came too close.

Leaving the swans behind, I thought I had seen all of the animals who live on ladyburn lake. I was wrong. A field just off the lake was filled with hairy, highland cows! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a cow and it’s safe to say I love them, they’re so fluffy and cute!

There honestly wasn’t much else to see except the few wildflowers dancing on the breeze. Though I did enjoy being in the sunshine. My photographer taught me that if I put a buttercup under my chin, my chin will go yellow if I like butter. My chin went green, so I’m not sure whether it worked or not.

Once I reached the top of the lake, I found some steppy stones. They are built in the style of a Chinese garden. I like how the water reflects the clouds so it feels like you are jumping through the sky. I made it across in one go, just like my photographer. Though my photographer got soaked by a horse who was trotting through the water (they can’t use steppy stones like dinosaurs).

Safely at the other side I realised I was nearly back to my parking space. Turns out it only takes around an hour to walk the full loop of the lake (less of you don’t stop to take photos). I didn’t stay long because it kept getting busier and I’m still not comfortable with crowds. Also you can’t plodge I the lake because it has the dangerous blue-green algae growing in several areas. Sadly the ducks still swim about in the contaminated parts of the lake.

It’s a great place to wander around and spend an afternoon but I prefer druridge bay beach. Next stop is slightly further up the Northumberland coast but not as well known. I can’t wait to explore!

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