A birthday bash

On Sunday I turned three. Another day of social distancing and sitting looking out of the window. Or so I thought …

I spent the morning treating myself to breakfast in bed, looking through photographs of my previous birthday parties. Each year I’ve spent my birthday on a different country. But, it will take a lot to beat my birthday gondola ride. My second birthday was also boat themed, I spent the day floating around the fjords of Montenegro.

This year, I’m stuck in the UK with my photographer who is being sad about our cancelled trip to Norway. Little did I know, this was all an act whilst unimpressed rhino planned a surprise party, with the theme of, you guessed it, Rainbows!

I spent an afternoon planting some of my bigger seedlings into bigger pots before making the long journey back upstairs. A group of my friends had arrived and were already in full party mode.

Quickly donning the birthday badge, I transformed into the partysaurus! Just in time for the most important part (if my photographer reads this, I mean second most important), the birthday cake! Huge, circular lemony deliciousness and I had three candles to blow out! That was hard work but I made sure to do it so my birthday wish comes true.

Before a break to eat the cake, I opened my present which turned out to be a dinosaur mug! At least now I won’t have to worry about my photographer notice I’ve stolen their mug. After this memories of my party are a bit hazy, because I found a bottle of fizzy grape juice in the cupboard.

Today, I’ve not been feeling like a partysaurus and more like a hangoversaurus. At least my photographer has brought me coffee in my new mug and some birthday cake (no candles as I already are those). Slowly I am feeling a bit more dinosaur, turns out I don’t need to go somewhere exotic to have an amazing birthday.

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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