Dubai miracle garden

Flowers; something no one could have convinced me I would find in the desert. But when searching for alternate things to do in this modern metropolis, that is exactly what I stumbled upon. Certain current events mainly of a Coronavirus nature have made the world become a scary place. As a dinosaur, I may be immune, I find myself seeking an escape from reality; being near to nature works perfectly.

I hopped into a taxi and headed out towards the desert. I thought I had seen a lot of Dubai on my last visit to the city, but I was wrong. There is more to the city than meets the eye, especially if you head away from the coast. 25 minutes in a taxi with a friendly driver took me past Sport city and Motor City, towards Al Barsha South. The landscape was becoming rather sandy and I was worried it was too hot for any of the flowers to grow.

Arriving around 10 am, there was no queue anywhere in sight (except the taxis waiting for a fare). This surprised me as the weather was perfect for sitting in a garden. I paid 50AED to enter and as soon as I passed the security guard I couldn’t decide where to go first, everywhere was just so colourful!

I hadn’t yet realised the garden is circular in shape, so I spend a few minutes longer than I care to admit choosing a direction. So I headed right, towards the two towering horse heads. To think these are shaped from hedges is incredible, I love nature, especially how it can grow into different shapes.

Heading through the garden I followed lots of little paths hidden under umbrellas. One brought me out to a small pond with elephants in the middle, they were splashing water at each other playfully. At the edge was a lady washing her hair, or should I say flowers.

All of the flower houses were very colourful, providing the perfect edge to the garden. Continuing my wander, I came across some famous Disney characters, these sadly weren’t my favourites and were surrounded by a lot of humans so I chose to keep walking towards the big flowery hairyplane. It’s a full size A380 Emirates plane covered in white flowers on a runway of pink.

The midday sun was beginning to creep up so I decided to head into the centre of the garden. On my way, I found several pairs of giant shoes. Of course I couldn’t resist posing on a pair of purple heels! The purple heels took me past a very famous flower clock and onto my favourite flower creation.

Teddy! The giant bear was sitting happily with a giant heart and his bow tie on. He was very friendly and looked ever so smart. He was sitting in the shade of the castle, a beautiful floral building. I left Ted and walked all the way to the top of the castle to see the whole of the gardens from above. I was amazed to see how big the area is.

The garden was getting really hot as it is a sheltered area in the desert. I was beginning to miss the cool breeze from the coast. So I took one final path through the garden, past a very friendly elephant and finally to some ballerinas.

Soft classical music was playing in the sunshine so the ballerinas could dance amidst the sunflowers. It reminded me of a music box, rather whimsical in nature. I loved this idea and would have loved to have found it sooner to have spent longer watching the dancers.

The weather was getting too hot and I was getting hungry so I jumped in a taxi and headed across to the Mall of the Emirates. Feeling rather unadventurous and tired I went to Costa so I could watch Ski Dubai.

I made a new friend who made sure I had the best coffee whilst I waited for the penguin show. Sadly only 3 penguins decided to come out and wave to the humans. But I found it very strange that they live in the desert (in the air con). After the excitement of the morning, I jumped in the handbag of doom for a quick snooze whilst my photographer did some shopping. Then we chose to use the free shuttle bus to head back to Dubai Marina.

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