A quick stop in Kuala Lumpur

My time in Kuala Lumpur was already limited and this was lessened due to a bout of food illness (sob). I am grateful to say the orange bagels from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf got me back to full health pretty quickly. This meant I only had a single afternoon to explore, with the heat and lack of energy I had to cut a few things from my list. This meant I focused my adventures around the city centre and Bukit Bintang near to where my hotel was located.

Struggling with the heat I chose to visit places where I could easily jump into a shopping mall for a quick blast of air conditioning. I had heard Bukit Bintang was worth visiting. This is a recommendation I didn’t find useful, maybe I went in the wrong direction. The Pavilion mall and Lot 10 looked nice but I walked in the opposite direction, wanting to experience Jalan Alor street for myself. I won’t say the area scared me;I’m struggling to find the correct word. This small adventure pushed me to my limit, but fortunately with the help of my photographer I was able to stay calm and overcome my travel anxieties. The main thing I disliked about this area was the sheer level of homelessness and the health conditions they were afflicted with. My photographer, being a healthcare professional, was particularly shocked by the number of homeless humans with mental health issues, that in the UK could be easily resolved. The second issue was the amount f prostitution present on the streets, which was under the guise of a massage. I’ve never been propositioned so many times, they didn’t care that I’m a gender neutral dinosaur.

Not wanting to call it a day after my negative experience. I decided to follow the streets up to the Petronas Towers. The short walk in the heat had me exhausted, so I made an impromptu visit into KLCC mall. I found it to be worth visiting, a vast mall with a rather interesting roof and more shops than a dinosaur or human could ever look around. The food court on the top floor looked delicious, but sadly I wasn’t feeling up to eating anything spicy or new.

Instead I chose to go outside into KLCC park to see if I could get a good view of the Petronas Towers. The park is beautiful but once again I found myself getting angry at the humans trying to sell me things; including but not limited to iPhone’s that had clearly just been stolen. The park had a beautiful fountain in the centre which I found really relaxing to watch. It makes you realise how small you are when sitting in a park surrounded by giant skyscrapers. It also makes you appreciate the small piece of nature available in such a vast city. This is the first place I actually felt calm whilst in the city, but sadly it was cut short by a crazy rainstorm!

The best part of the rain in South East Asia is the fact it is still really warm, I chose to go and sit in a cafe to watch the storm pass by. There is something very relaxing about the sound of rain, especially when it lands on leaves. I spent a long time watching the rain, until I realised I was getting quite hungry and set of in search of somewhere to eat. Not before detouring to the Petronas Towers to see if I could look around (sadly not). After eating and more shopping (to keep my photographer happy) I realised it was dark. I headed back into the KLCC park to see the skyscrapers all lit up but ended up being distracted by something even better. A fountain show, I have seen the one outside Dubai Mall in the past and was amazed by the theatricality of it.

Kuala Lumpur’s fountain show was even better, I thought nothing would ever beat what I saw in Dubai. The colours were the making of the show, it was relaxing and beautiful. Neither my photographer nor I can understand why so few people were there. Maybe it isn’t the safest place to be after dark which is such a shame because the lights, fountains and atmosphere make it a great place to spend an evening.

Unsure how safe Kuala Lumpur is at night, I decided to head back to my hotel for an early night because I had a very busy day ahead of me.

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