The life of an Adventursaurus: a travel update

The year may still be young but I am already melting under the stress of travel disruption, outbreaks of illness and inclement weather. With one cancellation and another adventure requiring last minute reorganisation. I have never felt more ready for a holiday.

Stress happens, I accept that. One of the most exciting parts of travelling, for me, is the fluidity of the destination you end up in. A couple of years ago, I went to the airport fully expecting to board a plane to Switzerland; but ended up landing in Italy. I like to try and be prepared for lots of different events when travelling, from delays to bouts of travellers fatigue, I usually can find a solution. The one time I preplanned some adventures for an upcoming adventure to Singapore. I have had to frantically rearrange. For some reason I found it impossible to cancel anything. Instead choosing to lie on the sofa crying and eating crisps. Cancellation of my trip to Singapore felt like a breakup, yes I know I sound crazy; a small set back which in reality isn’t even a problem. All that said, being unable to visit an old favourite means that instead I get to explore a new country. I can’t wait to see what Malaysia has to offer. They say when a door closes, a window opens. The world is a beautiful place and I am always excited to explore.

I Promised myself when I started out that I wouldn’t project my negativity out across the Internet. But, here we are. I am aware I am a very fortunate dinosaur to have the opportunity to travel the world and visit incredible places. This is in no way me moaning about life not going to plan. I take travel advice seriously and decided to rearrange travel rather than put myself at risk; or anyone my photographer sees whilst working in healthcare. Covid-19 is currently so unpredictable I chose to listen to the foreign office and the advice on their website.

I hope this outbreak can be resolved soon before it becomes a pandemic. For now I’m taking my travel plans day by day and not planning too far ahead. I had initially mapped out where I’d like to visit this year. For now I’m trying to do some research about Malaysia. I’d love to hear any recommendations if you have any!

UPDATE: Here at Team Veganosaurus we have decided to make the hard decision to cut our adventure through South East Asia and the Middle East short. Though this saddens us a lot, we feel it is no longer safe to travel whilst countries are beginning to close their borders. Unlike many travel bloggers we have made the decision to keep sharing stories of my adventures both here on my blog and on my instagram page because we could all do with some cheering up. We have used a lot of smaller travel companies to go on day trips whilst travelling and know that they will no doubt be struggling due to the lack of tourism. We are not being paid or sponsored for any of these posts, all we wish to do is provide lots of people with inspiration and where they could visit on future adventures. These are hard times for everyone and we would hate to see the travel industry go out of business. We have no doubt this viral outbreak will disappear as fast as it appeared. Until then I hope I can cheer you up with tales of my adventures. Here at Team Veganosaurus we only ask that you take the positivity of these posts and pay it forward; if you know anyone who is isolated and alone please check on them.

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