A veggiesaurus’ guide to eating in Vienna

Vienna has numerous restaurants in every district. My photographer had visited Austria in the past and struggled with being vegetarian; apart from Austria’s love for cheese. For this trip I decided to do a lot of research into where to eat. Luckily for me, my hotel had several good restaurants close by. Perfect for visiting after a day exploring the Christmas markets.


A cheap Italian/Austrian restaurant situated just outside the city centre area of St Stephens cathedral. It is a lot cheaper than many other eateries. The portions are huge and the pasta is good. Many Austrians eat here and of course giant schnitzel is on the menu.

Cafe Restaurant LETO

Tripadvisor gave mixed reviews and I wasn’t planning on visiting this restaurant. But, the aroma of Greek food intrigued me. It is a small restaurant with great decor. Having never eaten in a Greek restaurant before, I decided to go with the waiters recommendations.

Basil, lemon and ginger soda, paired with aubergine and feta rage with Pita bread. Great choice from the waiter made for a great meal. Sometimes things on the menu aren’t available but it isn’t the end of the world.

Le Wei Restaurant

A small Asian restaurant on the corner or Rudolphplatz. I visited solely because it was a short walk from my hotel. I am a self confessed Asian food snob , after spending time in Singapore (as many of you will already know). Le Wei serves the best Asian food I have eaten outside of Asia. Once again the only struggle I had as a veggiesaurus, was deciding what to eat. My photographer and I decided on a few dishes to share with the rest of the group. Fried vegetables in chickpea matter, vegetable spring rolls, Jasmine rice and tofu with cashew nuts, vegetables and thai basil. They were to join egg fried noodles with vegetables and a chicken, bamboo shoot and mushroom xianling (hot plate).

Chinese isn’t the only cuisine on the menu; Indian, thai, Korean and Japanese are also available. Part of the menu is vegan, yes you read that right. I am already planning a return trip to Vienna to visit Le Wei for one of their vegetarian bento boxes.

Ilona Stüberl

I found this small Hungarian restaurant by accident. Just off the popular shopping street, Graben. It is a super homely restaurants which feels like you are going for dinner in grandma’s front room. There are only a handful of tables so be sure to book prior to visiting on a weekend. The menu is small but has a few great veggie options available. Each day there are different specials available. I was pleasantly surprised with the mushroom goulash. Wrinkly human loves eating goulash and was keen for me to see what it was like. Hungarian food is great for a winter evening because it is homely and filling.

There are many restaurants to visit in Vienna and there are also many hidden in plain sight. I was surprised that I had so much choice. Sadly, I didn’t eat any Austrian food during my stay (except from all the cake). Vienna has something for everyone even vegetarians, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of great eateries I found.

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