A wonderful wedding weekend

A while back my photographer received a letter in the post and suddenly became very excited, then went shopping. I believed somewhere was having a sale on shoes or something. Honestly, I forgot all about it until I went on a hen do to Edinburgh. I had turned into a Partysaurus and was secretly hoping another excuse to enjoy myself would happen soon. My photographer told me they were going to a Wedding in Northumberland and the trip to Edinburgh was a part of this. Of course I decided to be my photographer’s date for the evening so I could put on my dancing shoes once again!

I was going on a weekend trip with a difference. I was off to celebrate the wedding of two humans in an old country house in Northumberland. I was headed north in a car filled with flowers (sadly not for eating). Northumberland is a beautiful part of the UK, an area I am excited to explore more once the weather improves.

The best part of of Northumberland is the amount of fancy houses with nice gardens. I was headed to Shotton Grange, a small mansion hidden in 6 acres of ground and walled gardens. Very picturesque but also very rainy.

The Manor House itself is beautifully decorated and even had several flying contraptions on the walls! Along with several images of deer everywhere. The room I stayed in was the top floor and was huge. The bed was a very comfortable king size. I loved the chair which was in the shape of a slide and had a beautiful view out into the countryside.

I enjoyed the coffee and cakes supplied by the venue whilst human decorated the venue. A beautiful coach house with a rustic feel, the perfect spot for a party. The venue was the perfect spot for a wedding. I liked the wedding, but honestly was more excited for the food. The food was delicious, although I had to remove the parmasan from two courses.

Finally it was time to party, I even brought some glow sticks to help my dancing. I am starting to enjoy the partysaurus lifestyle but being an adventursaurus will always be my favourite thing to do.

The biggest surprise was finding a cake on the dance floor midway through the dancing. It was delicious and gave me some energy for more dancing.

I had a late night and was excited to see my bed after lots of dancing. I had a long lie in, which resulted in a queue for the shared bathroom. This was redeemed by the delicious vegetarian full English which was waiting for me downstairs.

I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the table decoration. A fabulous end to a weekend filled with love. Then I was headed home to rest after a busy weekend.

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