The dome afternoon tea

It’s a well known fact that I love eating cake. One of my aims in life is the eat cake in every country in the world, I’ve managed 11 so far. Afternoon tea is something I have heard many great things about, so whilst in Edinburgh I chose to visit The Dome.

The Dome is a well known restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh’s new town. The graeco-Roman facade is easy to spot on George Street, especially with the Christmas decorations covering the columns. It is worth visiting just to peep inside and see the beautiful decor.

I was upstairs in the Georgian tea room. Decorated in a style of opulent and relaxed luxury, I couldn’t believe they had let a dinosaur in the building. The walls were black with gold panels are paired with crisp white linen, Crystal chandeliers and cushioned ebony chairs.

The staff were all very attentive and friendly, this made me even more excited to start eating (not that it takes much). The menu had more types of loose leaf tea than I have ever seen. I went for the Moorish mint and my photographer had the ginger root and lemon tea. Both were as good as each other.

Next up was the vegetarian afternoon tea, I was taken aback with how accommodating the staff were with dietary requirements. They even offered to change the cakes which had gelatine in. Considering the tea room was so busy I didn’t have to wait too long for the food to arrive. I decided to pass the time making the most of the silver tea service and bone China cups.

The food came on a cake stand, I wanted to start at the top but my photographer said no. Sandwiches first, cake later. The sandwiches were very tasty and had their crusts cut off. My favourite was the hummus and roasted vegetable.

I decided to miss out the scones and go straight for the cakes. They were all so good I couldn’t pick a favourite. The chef Sue Snider has created some rather tasty works of art. I’m glad the cakes were only small because they were so decadent.

Before leaving I had heard the bathroom was a must visit. The rumours were true. There were chandeliers and fancy mirrors everywhere. It is the poshest toilet I have ever visited. Every time I tried to think I had seen all of the beautiful rooms, I found another.

I couldn’t eat all of the afternoon tea, so the wait staff gave me a box of cakes to take home! Best part is, they tasted just as good once I got home.

The Dome is a great and affordable place for afternoon tea. Definitely worth adding to your to do list when in Edinburgh.

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