Searching for Scarecrows

Back to the UK in time for some of the more unique festivals that appear around harvest time. As I am always on the lookout for something fun and unique to d, my photographer and I set off on the short drive to Yorkshire. I was heading to a small village on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. Thornton-Le-Dale is a picturesque village and the place you think or when visualizing a quintessential English town, complete with a beautiful thatched roof cottage.

I was heading to the Scarecrow Festival which takes place every year and had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would I be in a farmers field looking at bales or hay wearing old clothes? Would I have to go through a cornfield? Should I have worn my straw hat and dungarees?

Safe to say I was very wrong, Thornton-le-Dale had a very different weekend planned for the Scarecrow Festival. I was greeted by a table in the green near the stocks. One map and a small donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance later, I was off on a scarecrow hunt around the main part of the village. My goal was to find 50 scarecrows, my first stop was the pond where I discovered a few celebrities and some well known nursery rhyme stars! I was very excited to meet the owl and the pussycat, but there was no room left for me in the boat!

Leaving the celebrities behind, I took a less trodden path (just like my favourite poem says) and discovered a few naughty elves. My favourite was the elf gone fishing whereas my photographer liked the flower fairies.

Half way through my scarecrow hunt I decided it was time for an ice cream break next to a beautiful thatched roof cottage. My photographer would have happily spent an afternoon plodging in the stream and sitting in the sunshine. However, I had to make sure human was not sitting in the sun for too long because we had more scarecrows to find.

My trail lead me to the outskirts of the town where I found old McDonald having lunch on a campfire with some farmyard friends. I decided to stop for lunch because it was such a beautiful afternoon.

Searching for the last few scarecrows proved to be very hard, mainly because I went down the wrong street (oops). Once I found the correct street, I found the most famous scarecrow who was hard at work.

I decided to help postman pat for a while, then went off in search of scarecrow number 50, Edward Scissorhands. Once I had found all of the scarecrows it was time to celebrate finishing the scarecrow hunt, I chose to celebrate at the chocolate factory. Iced coffee in the sunshine was a perfect way to end the day.

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