An Oasis on Orchard road

Orchard road is a world famous shopping district. It’s well documented as a shopping paradise, if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much I hate shopping. Since it was a short 10 minute walk from my hotel, I decided it was worth a visit (even just for the food). Orchard road is 2.2km of shopping malls. Every single mall is designed differently, making it well worth a visit even if you don’t like shopping. If you google the street before you go,the Singapore Guide website gives you information on what is in each mall, so you can aim for the ones which interest you most.

I won’t bore you with details of where I shopped, nor about how many times I got lost under ION Orchard. However, I will point out that there is only one building not a skyscraper on the street, the Royal Thai Embassy. It’s hidden away in some gardens, but during the day you might spot a gold pagoda.

I was pleasantly surprised with how open it felt. Some city centre shopping streets feel crowded and enclosed but this didn’t. I even bravely ventured into a hawker food court! Which was a fun experience. I’ve never seen green ice-cream before, it was a lot better than it looked. It was matcha flavoured from a Korean stall in 313@Somerset Mall.

My favourite building on Orchard road is Tang, which is also the oldest department store in Singapore. It’s an oriental styled building which isn’t overly showy. Every building is so different, you can walk down orchard road several times and notice something different. I decided to try and walk all the way along but the 2.2 km proved too much for my little legs. So I had a break and a wonderful ice tea in the basement of Robinson’s & Co, another of the oldest department stores in Singapore. The best ice tea I had in Singapore (and the cheapest!).

Continuing up the opposite side of Orchard Road, I walked past Emerald Hill. At the time I didn’t take much notice, but looking back at the photo I wish I had taken a look up the street. The colourful houses look very intriguing.

I was lucky enough to visit ION Orchard during the day and night. It’s a fabulous structure (albeit confusing inside), I really like how it lights up green on a night. I could have sat and watched the lights for a long time but it was a very busy junction. Instead, sitting outside the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has turned into a really fun nightly habit. Warm Coffee and a walkway to people watch. My personal favourite is the Remy Martin billboard, it is a kaleidoscope of colours. A nice relaxing way end to a day filled with walking.

Sorry, this isn’t the most exciting of posts. My photographer is a bit overwhelmed with travelling at the minute. We have just been given an opportunity to visit another 4 countries in a short space of time, that alone would cause anxiety in anyone. Although I am excited, I will admit it scares me a lot. Especially, given one destination is definitely not a tourist hot spot. Those of you affected by travel anxiety will know how scary it is and how randomly it occurs. Right now all my photographer wants to do is lie around the pool and drink coffee. So that is exactly how we will spend the next few days doing, until we feel brave enough to venture to another new place. The thought of venturing anywhere new is terrifying. I think the humidity is playing it’s part too, it does leave me feeling slightly claustrophobic in crowded areas. Until then I am happy to lounge about, take a break from social media and do nothing, we all need to switch off an recharge sometimes.

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