An Italian adventure: Mountaineering on Monte Baldo

After my time by the lake in Garda Town, I moved up to the area of Malcesine. But before I began exploring the medieval town.  I decided to get away from the beautiful Lake Garda (you can read about my last adventure here). For this I chose to use the local bus service which was very cheap, but beware there is an 0.80 euro surcharge for buying tickets on the bus.   45 minutes later I arrived in the beautiful medieval town on the western edge of the lake.

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I decided to postpone my adventures in the town. When I found a sign for the funivia cable car in Malcesine bus station. It only cost €22 for adults, or €15 for concessions (perks of being a dinosaur).  Each way involved taking 2 cable cars, the first was quite short and was a gentle incline with incredible views taking around 10 minutes. The second was totally different, this cable car was rather steep and did a 360 degree turn on the way up. Please note it was a gentle rotation, not a rollercoaster. The best part is, no matter where you stand in the car, you can witness the views from all directions.


Once I got to the top, I was speechless. I honestly believed the top would only show views of the lake, but oh my herbivore was I wrong. Proving once again, you should do some prior research before visiting a new place. Standing at 1780m high with around 40 kilometres to hike around.

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The green was amazing, I think I saw some new shades of green in the nature around me. Also, the wild flowers were out in bloom which added beautiful pockets of colour. As a big believer in mindfulness and veganism, the wildlife surrounding me in perfect harmony with the surroundings was blissful. So blissful that I decided to stop for a coffee before beginning my hike.

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I hate saying bad things but, beware when you visit Monte Baldo, don’t visit the wooden shack to the right of the cable car entrance.  The coffee was €1:50 for a teeny cup of freezing coffee. A better option is the Austrian chalet a short walk in the opposite direction.

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Horrendous coffee over, I found a signpost. Not realising how many hikes there was available, I chose 2, one to the right up a very challenging hill and an easier wander to the left.

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Choosing the hardest hike first was a great idea because I had the most energy. The air was thin and the sun was beating down, upon reflection I think it’s better to hike early in the mornings. I found this hike to be very challenging, the terrain was rocky, uneven and steep in some places. What I thought was the shortest route turned out to also be the steepest.

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At one point it was such a hard hike, especially when I had to go through the clouds, I considered giving up and turning back … but I persevered ….

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The view was breathtaking!

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After finding the easy way down, I walked to the other side of the mountain, which overlooks Riva del Garda. This side of the mountain was less steep and the paths were well trodden. Best part is, you can take an alpaca for a walk. It isn’t well advertised which is a shame. Next  time I visit, I’ll definitely be walking an alpaca!


Sadly when going to watch the cable car back to Malcesine the queues were huge, but if you have a disability, you and a companion can bypass the queues and also travel for free. This is amazing to know about so everyone can enjoy this area of natural beauty.


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