Climbing the Charles bridge

With the rain pouring, I decided to climb the Lesser Town Bridge Tower, of the Charles Bridge to view the Vltava river and old town from above.  The smaller tower itself dates back to the 12th Century, but you can’t climb that one. The bigger tower, which is connected to the other by a bridge is slightly younger, dating back to the 1460’s (nearly as old as I am).  The ticket cost 100 CZK (£3.50) which was very cheap, however I am yet to find any tourist attraction in Prague that is expensive.

I was very excited to get to the top, but first to overcome one of my biggest obstacles, the stairs. Luckily, there were places to rest on each level. I really enjoyed sitting in front of the stained glass windows, which looked like recycled bottles.

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As I went higher up the tower, the stairs became steeper. Other obstacles also appeared, such as wooden beams both at floor and head level.

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The final set of stairs was a huge challenge for me, in fact I would call it a wooden ladder rather than a set of stairs! But, all of the hard climbing was well worth the effort.

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At the top I was greeted by a friendly guide who gave me a lot of information about the skyline and various buildings.  I was surprised to find out I wasn’t on the roof!  Luckily, with the bad weather I was the only one on there, so I could leisurely view Prague, without the issue of crowds.

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I chose to walk around the viewing platform in the direction which left the view over the Charles Bridge until last.  Making my way to the back of the tower, looking over the Lesser Quarter.  I tried to find the hotel I had been staying in, but it was well hidden.

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I loved looking out from the turret, it felt like I was on top of the world! (unfortunately I have had to darken this photograph because of the naughty graffiti on the wall). I then made my way to the opposite side of the tower, which overlooks the Vltava river.

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Even in the rain, the skyline of Prague is truly beautiful.

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