Prague zoo

Prague zoo is very close to the city centre, it only took around 25 minutes on the tram and then 10 minute walk through a lovely suburb to the zoo itself.  Much to my surprise the zoo itself is huge and so cheap in comparison to other European zoo’s I have visited.

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The animals have large enclosures to run around in which makes me so happy because the animals seem to be enjoying themselves.  I have previously visited Edinburgh zoo and it really upset me to see how little space the animals had.


I started off by visiting the chimps and orangutans. The rainforest area was so realistic, and has inspired me to one day visit a real rainforest. The monkeys were playing about happily which was lots of fun to watch.

Next up, a visit to see the Indian elephants. I got to sit on an elephant! He was the perfect size for me. The queue behind me is for the food stand, seemingly the busiest one in the whole zoo.


The walk up to the elephants was very interesting and informative, showing images and information about all of the elephants and where they had came from. I got to ride in a elephant pulled carriage (I love being small).


But, I have to say the best part was all of the Buddhist statues and monuments.  So beautiful and brightly coloured.  I hope one day to visit Asia and see the full sized statues and temples of the Buddhist and Hindu faiths.


I left some silver for Buddha and also spun the Tibetan prayer wheels, which have turned out to be super lucky as today I have been offered a new job! I am planning on bringing a Buddha statue into my home for good luck and serenity.


Finally, to the elephants.  The females were in a separate enclosure to the male elephant due to the young calf’s being outside.  It was sad seeing the male separated and lonely but safety of the young animals and future of the species is the most important for the keepers.


The baby elephants were playing football with a stone they had found. What a great thing to watch, elephants really are very intelligent animals.


I then went on to see the giraffes, they were inside for some reason, at least the building was really tall.  It was amazing to see the giraffes but as it was feeding time I didn’t stay long. One giraffe came to say hello to me. I was worried he would lick me, then I realised there was some glass between us.

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And now we have made it to the part of the blog post where Rex moans (cue ominous theme tune music).  As I was standing having a staring competition with a Meerkat (see below), a small human of about 18 months tried to snatch me away from my photographer. Luckily my photographer lifted me up and hid me in the handbag of doom out of reach from the demon child.  I have met many people from various countries, 99% being wonderful humans who are very kind and supportive of my cause.  However, I would like to comment on certain humans from Eastern Europe.  Here is a gentle reminder about how we can make society a better place:

  1. If your child tries to steal something from someone else.  Shockingly it is your fault. Even if the child cries, STEALING IS WRONG, you are never too young to know right from wrong.

Rant over. Now for more cute animal pictures (YAY!).


Safely away from demon child, I decided to walk rather than hide in the handbag of doom. My next stop was the big cats. I was expecting them to be in the sunshine sleeping and being lazy.  Apart from the Lions, I was proven wrong. The leopard was actively wandering about his enclosure, normally they hide in the trees so I feel privileged to have seen him acting like this.


The cheetahs were a lot of fun to watch. They really are just like fluffy house cats.  I love how sociable they are. It was just a shame I wasn’t able to see one run.


I will admit, I was reluctant to visit the tigers in Prague zoo.  This is because I was very upset when I saw the tiny enclosure at Edinburgh zoo (I believe a new once has opened since), it was awful seeing the tiger pacing about because it didn’t have enough space to roam.  But, I was greeted by a majestic tiger, roaming around his huge outdoor enclosure, enjoying the sunshine. As the outdoor area was so nice, I decided to visit the inside enclosure to find the female tiger.


 Such a beautiful creature (who posed nicely for photographs, I think I caught her good side).  The best part was, there were two tiger cubs who were playing together whilst mom made sure the crowds were being good. I love how Prague zoo only allowed the tiger cubs to be on show for one hour. They could earn lots more money by keeping them on show but they don’t, animals really do come first at this zoo.


Next up, the reptiles. I wanted to see if I could find any of my relatives while I was here and I think I managed to find one or two. The reptile enclosures were lovely and warm (catering perfectly to us cold blooded creatures).  As always, I found the reptiles to be posing and not really doing much else (just like me).


Who posed better?

I found the Alligators very scary (they’ve got teeth bigger than mine). However, once I realised the turtles were using them as cushions I felt much better. I always thought turtles were boring now I know they are super brave bad-asses. As I was walking past the mountain goats, I noticed a lot of fossils. I recognise this foot, I think it was my great grandfathers!


As I was walking through the bird exhibits, I noticed a familiar face. My old friend Sergei from University. He was on a day out with his new mini human and family, who were treating him well. It’s nice to meet up with a friend and find out how well they are doing, I’m now the tall one. I wish you lots of happiness and adventures with your mini human! (We’d love to get this picture back to the little boy and his family who posed us, so nicely,  for the photograph, but unfortunately no-one at team Veganosaurus can speak Russian).


Unfortunately, there were too many animals to see in one day. So I hope to visit again and visit the rest of the zoo. To end with, here is my favourite picture, summing up my day at the zoo.

Sauropod on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.  – Albert Einstein


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  1. Milý Rexíku, I find it very funny and enjoyable to read your posts! I also love Prague ZOO, specialy the gorillas family is very famouse and people follow whats going on there (couple of years ago there was 24h/day Big Brother show from the ZOO about gorillas family) and we know the animals by their names :-).
    I think the reptiles with turtles are the famouse gavials, not alligators, but it doesn’t make them less scary.
    And unfortunatelly I don’t think that the “bad” behavior is all over the world, not just in Eastern Europe :-).


    1. Thank you, I am glad you like my posts. The gorillas were so much fun to watch, especially the baby. There is bad behaviour everywhere, it is just very unfortunate that I had a child who tried to steal me. Hopefully, it is the only time ever that will happen. THe gorillas made up for this though 😀

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